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The Theatre program at Saint Francis University creates a unique avenue for students to learn and grow in their theatrical abilities (both on stage and behind the scenes). There is at least one theatre production each semester, ranging from musicals to dramas to comedies as well as original works.  The theatre program is open to all students and has a 50 year history at the University and thousands of proud SFU Theatre Alumni.

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    Theatre at Saint Francis
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    F.J. Hartland

    Academy Award-winning actress Joanne Woodward said, “It’s called ‘a play. So let’s play!” 

    Theatre has a long tradition at Saint Francis for students of all majors. Unlike some schools where you have to be a theater major or wait until you are a sophomore to be involved, you can be part of our theatre from your first day here.

    Theatre can give you valuable experience for almost any major: education, business, communications, marketing, law—the list is endless. Theatre is about collaboration, so you can learn what it’s like to be part of a team—or to lead one! Theatre requires all kinds of skills, so even if performing isn’t for you, you can still contribute. Best of all, being part of a show is fun!

    So whether you want to be in the spotlight, sew a costume or swing a hammer, be part of theatre at Saint Francis. Come play with us! 

    Theatre Facilities

    JFK Student Center

    The auditorium in the JFK Student Center has been the backdrop for generations of productions at SFU.  Indeed, many SFU alumni consider this space nothing short of sacred because they spent so much of their college life creating art in this space.

    Theater Rotate

    Looking Forward

    A grassroots effort by a passionate group of theatre alumni is underway to construct the Resinski Black Box Theatreto be named after beloved director and drama professor Kenny Resinski, and his wife Bonnie who continues the Resinski legacy at SFU.  

    Black Box 01

    Theatre Classes

    General Education

    The Fine Arts is a vibrant part of the university's core curriculum and students of all majors can choose theatre courses to meet these requirements.


    Fine Arts Minor (Theatre emphasis)

    Those looking for an in-depth theatre experience may pursue a Fine Arts minor or explore building  a self-designed program that complements their major.  

    Fine Arts Minor (15 credits)

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