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Student Life

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  • Living (it up) on campus

    Activities Calendar
    Check out a full list of upcoming events on the SFU Student Life Activities Calendar.

    Campus life is a special part of the college experience. It's your first chance to experience life on your own, as well as a great chance to form life long friendships. At Saint Francis University, there is always something going on to keep you moving and loving life on campus.

    Explore the Possibilities at Saint Francis University

    Take in a Division 1 sporting event. Meet your sisters or brothers when you become a part of Greek life, or join one of the many clubs or organizations. Or, just enjoy the tranquility of the Mount Assisi Gardens.

    You can connect with your fellow classmates over coffee at Adamucci Café. Hang out and enjoy pizza at Frankie's, while seeing what's happening at the JFK Student Center. Or, you can embrace your cultural side and take in an exhibit at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. The possibilities are truly endless up on here on the mountain.