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Sports Physical Therapy Residency

  • Mission

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    To provide physical therapists an opportunity to become a leader in the community, and provide advanced knowledge, skills, and professional behavior that will shape the future of sports physical therapy.

    Residency Description

    The Department of Physical Therapy at Saint Francis University has partnered with DiSepio Institute for Rural Health & Wellness, the Department of Sports Medicine, and the Department of Athletics to offer a clinical Residency program for physical therapists interested in pursuing a career in sports physical therapy. The Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program at Saint Francis University is credentialed by the American Physical Therapy Association as a clinical residency program for physical therapists in sports physical therapy.

    The Residency Program is designed to advance the knowledge and skills of physical therapists who are interested in sports physical therapy. The program attempts to mirror the Description of Specialty Practice in Sports and focuses on the following areas:

    • Evidence based practice in examination and interventions related to sports injuries
    • Advanced clinical skill in exercise prescription and manual techniques
    • Health promotion, fitness, and wellness
    • Education and instruction
    • Research

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  • Curriculum

    The professional development component of the Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program includes a comprehensive series of weekly lectures and case reviews, laboratory instruction in the entry-level physical therapy program, surgical and physician office observation, participation in annual conference, participation in a research project, on-field experience with the athletic training staff, time in mentored clinical practice, and non-mentored clinical practice treating a sports patient population.

    Program Goals
    • To prepare residents to enter physical therapy specialty practice. 
    • To educate residents to use an evidence-based approach to support decisions and serve the needs of the consumers and society. 
    • To prepare residents to function as a clinical specialist in a complex health care environment. 
    • To facilitate residents’ ability to use advanced critical thinking and problem solving in professional practice. 
    • To educate residents to become advocates and ethical and caring practitioners of physical therapy.
    Program Data
    • Current Sports Specialty Exam Pass Rate - 100%
    • Current Graduation Rate - 100%
    Admission Requirements

    Preferred applicants are physical therapists who are interested in a career in sports physical therapy. Skills in previous clinical experiences in a sports rehabilitation setting and involvement in instruction of physical therapy students are recommended.

    Applicants must also possess:

    • Current or eligible physical therapy licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    • One of the following by the time of residency: a current ATC designation (certified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania), a current license as an EMT, or certification as an Emergency Responder
    • Malpractice insurance.
    Application Process

    All residency applications are now being processed through RF-PTCAS
    System which can be accessed at this link: 
    If you experience difficulty with this link or have additional questions, please contact Dr. Ivan Mulligan ( Applications will accepted via a centralized online system, link to be posted in October.  Applicants can also feel free to request information as detailed in the "Question or Inquiries" section below. 

    Residency Dates: August 1 - August 30 (13 months)

    Application Deadline:  December 1!  Apply today!

     Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program Brochure (PDF)

    Questions or Inquiries

    Prospective applicants may direct questions related to the Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program to Dr. Mulligan at (814) 472-3123 or


    "With the combination of on field coverage, clinical experience, didactic opportunities, surgical observation, and teaching in the PT lab, the DiSepio/SFU sports residency program provided me with experience I could not expect to find anywhere else. Because of the DiSepio/SFU residency program and now SCS, I am more confident and prepared for my patients and more marketable to me peers."                                                                                                                                          
    ~ Jonathan R Beck PT, DPT, SCS

     "My choice to advance my career by attending the Sports Physical Therapy Residency at the DiSepio Institute at Saint Francis University is helping me become the health professional I aspire to be.  The opportunities provided to me, and the accomplishments I was able to achieve through the residency, have helped me to gain a massive amount of experience in a very condensed period of time.  Participating in the residency program helped to fast track my clinical knowledge and experience, and further fueled my passion and skill for treating athletes and returning them to their sport."

    ~Justin Payette PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS