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Sociology / Criminal Justice

  • We are idealists

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    Sociology and Criminal Justice
    218 Scotus Hall
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    Meet Our Faculty

    Our motto is "Leadership for Social Change." Self-awareness, critical thinking, civic responsibility, and compassion are the heart of our sociology and criminal justice programs.

    We are realists

    Undergraduates have endless options when choosing a major, but once you graduate, you must start your career or go to graduate school. We ensure that our students are competitive for either path. Our placement rates for sociology and criminal justice majors are among the highest at Saint Francis.

    We are experts

    All department members have doctoral degrees from top schools in the nation. Our professors are nationally recognized as experts in their research areas, and they are highly evaluated as teachers. Faculty members work closely with students in the classroom, on research projects, and during extracurricular activities. We view our students as our colleagues.

    We want you!

    When you enroll in one of our programs, you will become a member of a select group of undergraduates. We recognize that each student has individual needs and potential, and we are committed to your growth and development. We will help you find where you want to go and show you how to get there. Our majors leave with much more than a degree -- they leave with stories to tell, a sense of achievement, and a world of opportunities.

    Message to Parents

    The American Sociological Association
    has published the following
    Letter to Parents of Sociology Students
    to help answer questions you may have about how Sociology prepares students for life, career, and beyond.

    Here's what alumni are saying about our program!

    “The sociology and criminal justice faculty will go great lengths to get you where you want to be and support you on your decisions … They’re willing to open their office for you at any time.”

    “The classes were always fascinating, as were the discussions that took place in class.”

    “I feel I have become a much deeper thinker, as well as a better person.”

    “I definitely look at society differently. The major broadened my horizons.”