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Social Work Degrees & Programs

  • Why Study Social Work 

    The primary educational objective of the Social Work Program is to prepare its students for entry into generalist social work practice at the beginning professional level. Further, the program seeks to assist students in understanding social welfare as a system of social institutions that has been developed to meet human needs. Based on a strong foundation of courses in the arts, social sciences, natural sciences, math, and the humanities, the social work curriculum is conceived as a broad orientation to the human and helping services which will enable the student to: seek employment in the field of social work upon graduation; continue one's education on the graduate level in social work, the behavioral sciences or one of the numerous areas of human services, and/or support social and economic justice through service and citizenship participation.

    Degree Options

    Social Work Major

    Social Work Minor

    Social Work at SFU?

    The Saint Francis University Social Work major is accredited for the baccalaureate degree in social work by the Council on Social Work Education. Upon graduation, majors are eligible for regular membership in the National Association of Social Workers. Most graduates receive advanced standing status in graduate social work programs.

    The Field Instruction sequence provides the practice experience to prepare students to work with individuals, families, small groups, organizations and communities served by both governmental and voluntary programs. It constitutes an integral component of the total curriculum, reinforcing and integrating the entire curriculum.

    Career Opportunities

    There are opportunities for employment in such areas as individual treatment, group treatment, community organization, child welfare, public welfare, hospital and home nursing social services, mental health and mental retardation programs, programs for the elderly, drug and alcohol programs, community action programs, primary and secondary schools, correctional facilities, early intervention, crisis intervention and many other areas.