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SFU Styles and Logos

Download logos and get in style with a total kit to everything SFU.
  • Sound advice

    When using a Saint Francis logo, please do...

    Check mark

    • use the logo and wordmark as is, without modifications.
    • use the seal and wordmark 1 inch wide and larger.
    • honor the seal and wordmark clear space requirements.
    • check out Logo FAQs to answer your most burning logo questions.

    But don't...

    logo don'ts

    • recreate the seal and wordmark.
    • stack copy above or below the seal and wordmark.
    • stretch or distort the seal and wordmark.
    • use the seal and wordmark smaller than 1 inch wide.
    • add elements or color to the seal and wordmark.
    • place the seal and wordmark in a group too closely to other graphic elements

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