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Request a Transcript

  • Requesting a Transcript

    To request a transcript


    grads with diplomas PHOTOSaint Francis University understands the importance of providing our students with effective and efficient transcript services. Your new career, entrance to Graduate School, professional certification, or other important events depend on the prompt and secure delivery of your transcript. We also understand the need to protect the privacy of your transcript and our obligations under Federal law. The instructions that follow will enable you to request your transcript for delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    Online service is ONLY available for students who attended 1993 to present. If you attended prior to 1993, please use the Print and Mail Request option below.


    Order Online

    Saint Francis University in partnership with SCRIP-SAFE International provides twenty-four hour access to online transcript ordering through a secure website.

    Current and former students along with Alumni should click the link below to create an account and order an academic transcript.

    Place Online Order

     Transcript fees: $8.00 per destination for electronic or $10.00 for each paper copy.

    Transcript Release Regulations


    • Because Federal Law requires your signature in order to release your academic records, you must complete a Consent Form and return it as directed before your first request can be processed. The signed Consent Form remains on file with SCRIP-SAFE to cover your future Saint Francis University transcript requests.
    • No transcript can be issued for a student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the University
    Print and Mail Order
    1. Print out the Transcript Request Form.
    2. Type or print all information requested clearly.
    3. There is a $10.00 fee for each copy of the transcript requested. Please send the completed form along with a check to:

    Office of the Registrar
    318 Scotus Hall
    Saint Francis University
    Loretto, PA 15940-0600

    Make all checks payable to: Saint Francis University


    Transcript Release Regulations


    • All transcript requests must contain the requestor's signature before they can be processed.
    • It is not possible for us to accept requests for transcripts by telephone, fax, or e-mail, because the release of a transcript must be authorized by the requestor's original signature.
    • It is not possible for us to send transcripts by fax or email, due to concern for the security of confidential information that might be lost or misdirected in an electronic medium.
    • No transcript can be issued for a student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the University
    • Typed or handwritten request may be used as a substitute for the Transcript Request form, as long as all of the information requested on the Transcript Request Form is provided and the request contains the requestor's original signature.