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Physical Plant

  • Physical Plant Current Protocols for Visitors and Appointments


    The Physical Plant Department at Saint Francis University is responsible for effectively and efficiently operating and maintaining the physical assets of the University. The department is also responsible for  ensuring in the creation of a physical environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. The department strives to provide the services necessary to facilitate the maximum use of the University's facilities. 

    • Forms and Reports
    • Mission
    • Professional Services
    • Campus Addresses
    Forms and Reports
    • Provide departmental services in the most professional, dedicated, courteous, prompt, technically accurate and efficient manner possible
    • Ensure operation of all university facilities and utility systems as efficiently and safely as human and financial resources allow
    • Consistently maintain all university facilities in a proactive manner to minimize deterioration and retail a high level of physical and academic appearance
    • Provide support to the Vice President for Finance & Administration related to new construction, remodeling and renovations to ensure that the  most energy efficient systems, methods and technology are incorporated into new and existing buildings to obtain the lowest operation and maintenance costs for the life of the facility
    • Assist in short and long range planning in order to maximize the most efficient utilization of existing and new facilities
    • Promote better utilization and operation of all new facilities including providing handicapped accessibility to all required facilities
    Professional Services

    Custodial Service

    The custodial services employees perform all cleaning services throughout the university  along with assist setting up and tearing down for University related events. 

    Design Service

    The department also offers design services for renovations related to office, classroom, student or multi-purpose spaces on campus.

    Grounds Service

    The Grounds Service employees work towards maintaining the beautiful campus throughout the year along with office relocations and renovations. They handle all landscaping, furniture and equipment moving, assist with building renovations and along with assist with setting up and tearing down for University related events. 

    Mechanical Service

    Fully licensed staff provide a full range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing service that include the installation of University equipment and repair of building systems. 

    Trades Service

    The trades service employees are responsible for completing all minor construction and reconstruction of offices and dorms while also providing certified locksmith security system services. Trades service also processes all key requests for the University.

     If you need assistance or would like to request professional services from the Physical Plant department, please complete a work order request.

    Campus Addresses

    Amici Hall: 126 Franciscan Way
    Ave Maria Hall: 124 Franciscan Way
    Bach Honors House: 230 St. Joseph Street
    Chapel: 132 Franciscan Way
    Christian Hall: 230 Lakeview Drive
    DeGol Field and Fieldhouse: 172 St. Catherine Street
    DiSepio Building: 108 Franciscan Way
    Immergrun Pro Shop: 105 St. Elizabeth Street
    JFK Student Center: 117 Evergreen Drive 
    Library: 106 Franciscan Way
    Murtha Building: 111 Juniper Lane
    Padua Hall: 110 Franciscan Way
    Raymond Hall: 114 Franciscan Way
    Roundstone Cottage: 120 Franciscan Way
    Sacred Heart Friary: 101 St. Francis Way
    Saint Agnes Hall: 116 Evergreen Way
    Saint Clare Hall: 122 Evergreen Way
    Saint Elizabeth Hall: 127 Lakeview Drive
    Saint Francis Hall: 132 Franciscan Way
    Saint Joan Hall: 115 Lakeview Drive
    Saint Joseph Work Center: 167 Lakeview Drive
    Saint Louis Hall: 122 Franciscan Way
    Schwab Hall: 144 Franciscan Way
    Science Center: 138 Franciscan Way
    Scotus Hall: 110 Franciscan Way
    Sewage Treatment Plant: 492 Metz Road
    Siena Cottage: 105 Saint Elizabeth Street
    Small Business Development Center: 2299 Manor Drive
    Southern Alleghenies Museum: 112 Franciscan Way
    Spalding Cottage: 181 Kelly Drive
    Stokes Building: 140 Lakeview Drive
    Sullivan Hall: 110 Franciscan Way
    Torvian Hall: 155 Pineview Drive
    Townhouses (Pineview): 138 Saint Joseph Street
    Water Treatment Plant: 376 Columbia Street