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PA Program Progression Standards

  • Requirements for Progression

    Progression and continuance in the Saint Francis University Master of Physician Assistant Program is based upon scholastic achievement and personal qualities for the professional practice of medicine as a physician assistant. In addition to academic standards for acceptance into the 3+2 PA Program, students must be able to meet the Program’ Technical Standards, with or without accommodations, upon admission. Students must continue to meet the academic progression standards, each of the technical standards and abide by policies and procedures in the Program’s General policy Manual throughout the freshmen, sophomore and junior years to progress into the didactic (4th) year of the PA Program.

    Below are the progression standards for the following years:

    Freshmen through Junior Year Progression Standards (Effective Fall 2018)

    Freshmen through Junior Year Progression Standards (prior to Fall 2018)

    Didactic and Clinical Year Progression Standards