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PA Degree Options

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    Why Study Physician Assistant Science

    Physician Assistants are health care professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision.  Common services provided by a PA include taking medical histories and performing physical examinations; ordering and interpreting lab tests; diagnosing and treating illnesses; assisting in surgery; prescribing medication; and counseling patients. Being a physician assistant is both rewarding and challenging.

    Degree Options

    Once you pass the national certification exam, you can practice in any specialty that you choose, in any state in the United States and in some countries.  

    Physician Assistant Science at SFU

    • The SFU PA students are like one big family. They work together, supporting each other along the way.
    • Clinical experiences are built into the first year of physician assistant curriculum.
    • We offer an integrated body system approach to medicine.
    • We offer dedicated faculty and staff that go the extra mile to assist you in being successful.
    • Over half of our faculty continue to practice clinically.

    Specifically for the 5-yr student:

    • Early exposure to medicine with Medical Terminology and Introduction to Medicine courses completed in your first three years of study. An arrangement of these introductory PA courses allows for role concept and knowledge base development, while providing a bridge to the physician assistant training curriculum in the last two years.
    • Guaranteed progression in the major as long as Standards are met
    • Completion of a strong-liberal arts foundation

    Careers Possibilities

    Our PA students go far. Here are the top five specialties chosen by SFU PA graduates:

    • Surgical Subspecialty (Orthopedic, Cardiovascular, Plastic, etc.)
    • Family Practice
    • Internal Medicine Subspecialty (Dermatology, Cardiology, Neurology, etc.)
    • General Internal Medicine
    • Emergency Medicine