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The OASIS program is designed for first-year students to reinforce important academic skills, while maximizing services across campus that will help them succeed.

    • OASIS Rotate
  • Academic Success

    We know that everyone has unique needs and learning styles. No matter your major or long-term academic goals, the OASIS program will help you pick at path, stay on track, so you can graduate with your undergraduate degree.

  • FLASH Facts:

    • Personalized Academic Advisor/Counselor

    • Customized Success Strategies

    • Informational Workshops

    • Structured Study Sessions

  • Advising and Counseling

    The OASIS Program counselors offer developmental academic counseling on an individual basis. Regular meetings are arranged. Discussion topics include adjustment to college, interpretation of assessments, academic planning, and social/personal issues.

    Success Strategies I & II

    (General Studies 111 and 112) All OASIS students are required to register for these courses for the fall and spring semesters. Students complete a variety of assessments to determine academic strengths and weaknesses. Students learn and practice strategies to improve their academic performance. These courses offered through the OASIS Program will strengthen the students' skills in future classes.

    Informational Workshops

    Informational workshops are provided through General Studies 111 and 112 during the fall and spring semesters and through special programs.

    Study Sessions

    Mandatory study sessions (five hours per week) provide students with a structured and supervised learning environment. Weekly sessions are mandatory during both the fall and spring semesters and are supervised by trained OASIS Coaches. These coaches offer students individual instruction and guidance in developing effective study techniques that encourage students to become independent learners.

  • Your First Year

     Fall Semester    Spring Semester
     Course Credits     Course
     General Studies 111
     (College Success Strategies 1)
    3  General Studies 112
     (College Success Strategies 2)
     Writing 101, 102 or Literature 104
     (College Composition, Research Writing, or Intro to Literature)
    3  Writing 102 or Literature 104
     (Research Writing, or Intro to Literature)
     History Elective 3  General Education and/or Major Requirements
     Math 100 or General Education and/or Major Requirements 3  General Education and/or Major Requirements
     General Education and/or Major Requirements 3 - 4  General Education and/or Major Requirements