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Graduate's success as Blair County Chamber intern featured

August 4, 2016 Tags: Academics , Alumni , Arts and Humanities , Health Sciences and Education

Elter Internship 16_InTextThe July issue of Blair Business Mirror featured Kimberly Elter, a recent Saint Francis graduate and current Blair County Chamber of Commerce intern.

The article featured in the issue highlighted the experience and unique opportunities Kimberly is gaining as an intern for the Chamber. A well-sought-after destination for internships, the Blair County Chamber of Commerce offers internships in Marketing and Business Administration.

Linda Stotler, the Chamber’s Vice President of Communication and Marketing, spearheads the internship program, setting and expecting high standards from the interns earning a spot in the program. Kimberly not only earned a spot in the program, but she is exceling.

“She’s typical of other Saint Francis interns that we’ve had,” stated Linda. “She is well-prepared and interested in doing great things…she’s not going to be overwhelmed or intimidated by anything or anyone…(and) she’s talented and will use her talent to the best advantage of the employer.”  

While Kimberly is typical of other Saint Francis interns, she is unlike most Chamber interns in that she has already received her degree: a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a minor in Communications. With this degree, the help of her professors, and the experience from this internship, Kimberly is ready and excited for her future.

“So many of my current assignments have a familiarity to them and it’s the result of what I’ve learned at Saint Francis,” shared Kimberly. “Really, I could see myself doing what I’m doing now as a career choice. I could never have anticipated that when I started this internship.”

Kimberly may not have to only see herself in a career much like her internship, as Linda expressed her “little doubt” that Kimberly will continue to flourish and find a permanent place at the Chamber following her internship.

Compiled by SFU Staff and Blair Business Mirror.

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