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Fine Arts Faculty

  • Teaching that strives to introduce and develop the arts spirit within all students

    This cadre of professionals with expertise in theatre, painting, drumming, guitar, and singing allows us to offer students an outstanding and unique education in fine arts.

    Department Chair:  Mr. Jim Donovan

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    Fine Arts Department Faculty (Alphabetical) 

  • Donovan, Mr. Jim

    Position: Director Arts in the Mountains Festival, Director World Drumming Ensemble, Instructor

    Department: Fine Arts

    Office: St. Joseph Hall 209

    Phone Number: 814.472.2866

    Hartland, Mr. F.J.

    Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre

    Department: Fine Arts

    Office: St. Joseph Hall 207

    Phone Number: 814.471.1268

    O’Brien, Mrs. Martha

    Position: Dean of General Education, Instructor of Music

    Department: Fine Arts

    Office: Scotus 213

    Phone Number: 814.472.3217

    Olson, Chuck

    Position: Director Springtime in Italy Program, Associate Professor

    Department: Fine Arts

    Office: Fine Arts Center 2012

    Phone Number: 814.472.3215