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Francis Worldwide: Behavioral Science, B.S.

Why do human beings do what they do even if it isn't good for them? Can we shift the harmful behavior of an individual, or even impact the behavior of a larger population?  If these questions fascinate you, then you might be interested in studying behavioral sciences though Francis Worldwide at SFU.

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    Understanding Human Behavior

    police outreach

    Many people who major in behavioral science go on to acquire positions in the human services field. Others pursue law enforcement or correction positions, however, this degree is extremely versatile.

    Businesses seek behavioral science majors to help them find ways to understand consumer behavior while government agencies rely on behavioral science to help inform public policy.

    Our Franciscan approach to behavioral science focuses on bringing compassion and ethics to every interaction. Courses are taught by caring, dedicated professionals who love teaching adult students and are committed to your success.

    The Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science (online degree completion) program:

    • is designed for returning adult students like you 
    • degree completion format allows transfer credits from your associate degree (including a criminal justices) earned at other institutions 
    • can be taken 100% online or you can mix in some face-to-face courses
    • full or part-time studies tailored for busy schedules
    • generous transfer credits for previous coursework. Ask for your free credit audit!   

    • Overview
    • Curriculum
    • Career Outcomes

    The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science (online degree completion program) is designed to provide an accelerated pathway for adult students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in behavioral sciences or human and social services. Students will have the opportunity to maximize their prior college-level coursework or associate's degrees in psychology, human or social services, or related field. Additional college coursework or military credits may also be evaluated for potential transfer into this degree. This interdisciplinary degree combines a psychology, sociology, and social work core with a liberal studies curriculum reflecting the goals of Franciscan Higher Education. Completion of this program will aid in preparing students to pursue graduate school in a related field or to enter the workforce in human/social services, administration, or related field.

    Learning Outcomes



    Behavioral Science, B.S. (128 total credits includes generous transfer credits)

    Course Catalog Major Requirements

    Career Outcomes

    Behavioral Science Graduates have gone on to be:

    • Case Managers
    • Advocates
    • Counselors
    • Directors
    • Youth Workers
    • Specialists
    • Public Welfare Workers
    • Corrections Officers 

    And More!

    Organizations that hire Behavioral Science Graduates include: 

    • Social Service Organizations
    • Counseling Centers
    • Advocacy Groups
    • Hospitals
    • County, State, and Federal Agencies
    • Law Enforcement Agencies