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Exercise Physiology

Earn a bachelor of science degree or minor in Exercise Physiology. Our program focuses on a foundation of chemistry, biology, anatomy, mathematics, and physics.

  • Program Highlights

    • Small class size and individual attention
    • Curriculum that follows the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine
    • Flexible curriculum tracks to tailor your major to your career aspirations: fitness, allied-health, research, or medicine
    • Access to on campus rehabilitation health facilities
    • Outreach opportunities to practice new skills while helping others
    • Specialized Internships to focus your career goals
  • About the Program

    The science of exercise is what we are about! It's not just about lifting weights, or running fast or far, it's about the how and why you can that is important. It's about the cellular machinery of the muscle for the lift or the run. It's about what provides the energy for the lift; it's about the physics of the lift. It's how the heart and lungs function and how they change and improve with training. It's about improving health. We teach you how to think about it, how to investigate it, and how to do it! It's the science of exercise.

    Goals of the Exercise Physiology Major

    • To provide students the evidence based knowledge, critical thinking skills, and abilities for entry-level positions in the exercise physiology profession.
    • To prepare students for graduate education and national certifications including, but not limited to, the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
    • To prepare students, consistent with the Goals of Franciscan Higher Education, to evince a humble and generous attitude toward learning, service to the poor and the needy, and respect for the uniqueness of individual persons.
  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to prepare graduates that are competent, entry-level Exercise Physiology professionals who demonstrate critical thinking, embrace lifelong learning, and serve the health and fitness needs of consumers and society.

  • Exercise Physiology at Saint Francis University

    • Cody Reimers
    • Alyssa Edwards, MS, RPFT
    • Jonathan Pollock
    • Caitlin Vultaggio, MSc
    Cody Reimers

    EXPH Testimonials - Cody ReimersCody Reimers

    Class of 2015

    "I can't thank all of the professors and staff from Saint Francis University's Exercise Physiology program for supplying me with all of the knowledge and tools to be successful in the healthcare field."

    In the photo, Cody poses with his first trans-tibial prosthesis and  patient at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program in Prosthetics and Orthotics. 

    Alyssa Edwards, MS, RPFT

    EXPH Testamonials - Alyssa Edwards

    Alyssa Edwards, MS, RPFT

    Class of 2011

    "After seeing my classmates struggle through graduate school with lab techniques and other components, I have realized what a great education I received at Saint Francis and it shows that it really prepared me."


    Jonathan Pollock

    EXPH Testamonials - Jonathan Pollock

    Jonathan Pollock

    Class of 2009

    "The Exercise Physiology major at Saint Francis University has provided me superior preparation on the path to becoming a physician. In addition to the strong core science education, this experience has given me employable, clinical, and interpersonal skills that a health care professional must embody. Of equal importance, I participated in several research opportunities, including designing my own research study that was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine's national meeting. I highly recommend this path for anybody considering a future in the health care field."

    Caitlin Vultaggio, MSc

    EXPH Testimonials - Caitlin VultaggioCaitlin Vultaggio, MSc

    Class of 2010

    "I feel that my experience at Saint Francis University set me up to excel in graduate school and gave me an advantage over the other students. I found that I had a superior knowledge of anatomy and physiology."