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Environmental Engineering Student Opportunities

Environmental engineering is really useful. That’s why there are so many good jobs for environmental engineers after graduation. But at SFU, you don’t have to wait till you finish school to start putting your environmental engineering skills into practice. 

  • Service is Learning

    You can use environmental engineering skills to serve others both here in western PA and in developing countries like Bolivia and Peru. Through service-learning, you'll help those in need while really learning what environmental engineering is all about. Below are some of the service projects.

  • Acid Mine Drainage Treatment in Bolivia
    Bolivia Salt flats

    Our premier environmental engineering service-learning project is our multi-year effort led by professor Bill Strosnider to clean up dangerous toxic metals that are leaching into surface water supplies in the Bolivian Andes.

    Students spend 2 weeks in country collecting technical data, interacting with community members, and immersing themselves in the regional culture.

    The ultimate results are an expanding network of passive treatment systems that make polluted water safe for use in irrigation. Many of the student participants in this project have been able to present the findings of their work at national mine reclamation conferences which in some cases has led directly to job offers.

    Read more about research and service in Bolivia 

    Solid Waste Reduction for Goodwill Industries
    Waste Audit

    Each year, our sophomore students are led by professor Rachel Wagner in a waste-audit and reduction project for Goodwill Industries of the Conemaugh Valley. 

    Goodwill uses its network of thrift stores to help folks with barriers to employment to gain work experience, but because donated goods are at the center of their business model, they have a rather complex solid waste problem.

    Our students are helping Goodwill Industries to accurately measure their waste and to identify ways to generate revenue while diverting material out of the landfill.


    Watershed Restoration in Western Pennsylvania
    AMD Sampling

    Through our Center for Watershed Research and Service, our students conduct class projects, service events, and summer research all aimed at improving water quality in western and central PA. 

    Funded by the Foundation for PA Watersheds, we work on problems ranging from treating acid mine drainage to monitoring stream health to simply picking up trash.

    Since the CWRS gets our students partnering with local non-profit watershed organizations, we find that this is an excellent vehicle for our students to network with professionals in the environmental community of our region.

    Read more about the CWRS