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  • A Gift to the University’s Future

    Our University relies on our alumni and friends to provide for long-term needs. The future of Saint Francis depends upon endowment contributions -- funds that will continue to generate income year after year -- making sure that educational opportunities and vital programs will remain in place for future generations of Saint Francis students. Planned gifts can be a wonderful way to help the University increase our endowment.

  • How Does a Gift for Endowment Work?

    How Does a Gift for Endowment Work?

    A gift to the endowment fund is a gift to Saint Francis University's future. This money is the principal in the University's investment portfolio that continues to generate income, supporting future generations of students. Only a calculated portion of the interest is used by the University, ensuring that the principal will continue to work indefinitely. The University's investment policies are structured to allow the University to satisfy donor goals and to generate sufficient interest over time to grow the principal, keeping pace with inflation. A pledge may be accepted for the establishment of a named endowment.

    View the amounts required to create an endowment in the "Naming Opportunities" tab below.


    Naming Opportunities

    Named Endowed Chair

    The University’s commitment to excellence begins with the faculty. The addition of faculty chairs will help build a faculty of distinction, encourage scholarship and research and enhance the teaching process. A percentage of the income from this fund may be used to subsidize the salary needed to attract a new faculty member or sustain an existing faculty member. Additionally, funds may be used to support programming and scholarship associated with a department.

    Each endowed chair may be named in honor of the donor of the capital fund or in honor of a person designated by the donor. Each named endowed chair will be authorized by the University’s Board of Trustees and described in the University catalog. The recommended minimum amount to endow a chair at Saint Francis University is $2,000,000.

    Named Professorship

    This endowment is intended to enhance salary and operational budgets of various academic departments. The additional funds generated by the endowment will allow the University to maintain and attract key faculty.

    Each professorship may be named in honor of the donor or in honor of a person designated by the donor. The recommended minimum is $1,500,000.

    Named Faculty Fund

    The purpose of this fund is to generate income to supplement faculty salaries in any academic area. These funds may be used in any area designated by the President. The recommended minimum is $250,000.

    Named Fellowship Fund

    As Saint Francis continues to enhance its graduate degree programs, it will be beneficial to provide fellowships to assist graduate students in their education. These fellowships may vary in amounts in accordance with different programs. The recommended minimum is $100,000.

    Named Scholarship

    As the cost of higher education continues to increase, students are constantly in need of more scholarship assistance. Income generated from named scholarship endowments will help Saint Francis meet this need. The use of endowment income may be designated in accordance with the donor’s wishes with the approval of the University. However, it is recommended that the uses of all scholarship funds remain flexible so that the University scholarship committee can award funds to the most deserving students. The recommended minimum is $50,000.

    Named Special-Purpose Fund

    These fund are designated to particular areas of need according to the donor’s wishes and the approval of the University. The recommended minimum is $25,000.

    Named Annual Scholarship Fund

    The student scholarship will be funded on an annual basis and awarded according to an understanding between the University and the donor. The recommended minimum is $2,500 annually for at least four years.

    Other Restricted Endowments

    Saint Francis University is willing to work with prospective donors on the terms and conditions of other restricted or unrestricted endowment funds, provided they support traditional academic activities or functions and are large enough to yield a meaningful annual income.

    Named Memorials and Recognition Opportunities

    Many individuals, corporations, and groups appreciate the significance of establishing memorials and recognition opportunities to honor persons or organizations in perpetuity. These situations include the naming of buildings, classrooms, laboratories and other projects.

    Buildings, laboratories, and classrooms

    The Saint Francis University policy, approved by the Board of Trustees, is very specific regarding amounts and terms associated with the naming of buildings and other major physical structures or facilities on campus. The University office of advancement will work with donors to define issues and reach agreements.

    Endowed Chairs at Saint Francis University

    Endowed Chairs at Saint Francis University

    Endowed Chairs serve multiple needs at Saint Francis University including maintaining a faculty of distinction, encouraging scholarship among faculty and students, providing for visiting lecturers, granting financial aid to students, and generally enhancing scholarship and the teaching process.

    The Joseph and Marguerite DiSepio Chair in Computer Science

    Established in 2001 by Saint Francis University alumni, Joseph ’58 and Marguerite (Scharpf) ’60 DiSepio, the endowment is committed to raising the level of excellence within the computer science department. The endowment funds faculty development, a distinguished lecture series, student internship programs and research and practices in the field of security and information assurance.

    The Dr. Albert A. Zanzuccki Chair in Business Administration

    Established in 2006 by Saint Francis alumni John S. ’64 and Sheila (Widmer) ’65 Connors, the endowment is named in honor of Dr. Albert Zanzuccki, professor emeritus and former chairman of the business administration department. The endowment is used to attract outstanding senior scholars and recognized business leaders to lecture and teach at the University, honor a distinguished Saint Francis faculty member, fund faculty and student research programs and other purposes as advised by a chair committee.

    T.O.R. Endowment in Franciscan Studies and Roman Catholic Theology

    Established in 2013 by Saint Francis alumni Louis P. DiCerbo '59.   The endowment is used to attract national Franciscan and Roman Catholic scholars to the University, develop a professor-in-residence program and offer workshops.  Each year the University will recognize a male and female who shows act of charity, love, and care for all of creation, along with service to the needy.  This endowment will encourage all of us to live the type of lives that exemplify characteristics of St. Francis, St. Clare and Dorothy Day.  View details.

    Endowed Scholarships

    Endowed Scholarships

    Financial aid packages for Saint Francis students consist of scholarships granted by generous alumni and friends of the University. Keeping Saint Francis affordable to students is a top priority. Endowed scholarships are a permanent solution to the financial aid dilemma. Saint Francis presently offers 125 endowed scholarships and the income from those scholarships helped 195 students this year.

    View the current list.

    Donors may create a named endowed scholarship fund in memory or honor of a friend or loved one or leave a legacy with their name that will become a permanent addition to the Saint Francis University endowment. Donors of endowed funds are provided with annual financial reports on their funds and a description of the activities, students, and programs they benefit.

    A number of named scholarships and awards are granted to entering students according to established guidelines. In order to apply for the endowed scholarships, students must complete the Saint Francis University Application for Admission and be accepted to the institution. Students must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. No further action is needed. The Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Admissions form a committee to determine eligible recipients for endowed scholarships. When students are selected for an endowed scholarship, they will be contacted by the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Advancement. Click to view the endowed scholarships available.


    For more information on Endowed Scholarships, please contact:
    Robert J. Crusciel
    Vice President for Advancement
    (814) 472-3021


    What is Planned Giving?

    Planned giving is the practice of making charitable gifts which are structured and integrate sound personal, financial and estate planning concepts with the donor's plans for lifetime and/or testamentary giving. Planned gifts are a way for individuals with various financial circumstances to make charitable gifts to Saint Francis, while continuing to meet current income needs and taking advantage of incentives available under current tax laws.

    The Legacy Society

    The 1847 Legacy Society recognizes the enduring value of education.  It celebrates the vision of the founding friars who laid the foundation for what is now Saint Francis University.  Life those founders, donors who support the University through bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, life insurance, and other planned vehicles, are building a foundation for future generations.  Legacy Society gifts help the University fulfill its promise of a high-quality education grounded in our Franciscan values.

    View the1847 Legacy Society Members