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Employee Performance Planning & Assessment

  • What is Performance Planning & Assessment?

    The performance planning and assessment process provides an opportunity for employees and managers to discuss development goals, review employee job performance, jointly create goals and  development plans for the overall professional growth of the employee. The below tabs contain information, performance assessment forms and deadlines. 

    • Performance Assessment Overview
    • Administrative Employees
    • Operational Employees
    Performance Assessment Overview


    Important Dates:

    Completed by June 30th - Employee completes the performance assessment form and returns the form to their manager. 

    Completed by July 31st - Manager reviews performance assessment form completed by each employee and adds their ratings and comments. 

    Completed by August 31st - Manager and employee meet to review and discuss completed performance assessment form. Goals for the next year are jointly discussed, agreed upon and added to the performance assessment form. Completed forms are submitted to the appropriate department head and Vice President for their review and signature.

    Completed by September 30th - All completed performance assessment forms are submited to the Human Resource Office. 


    Administrative Employees
    Operational Employees