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Education Student Opportunities

  • Explore the Possibilities

    In the Education program at Saint Francis University you will have plenty of opportunities in the classroom and beyond. Below are just a few of the opportunities waiting for you as a future education student.

  • Field Experiences

    Field experiences are off-campus activities that provide opportunities to apply theories and concepts studied in the classroom. These experiences are directed by University faculty, facilitated by teacher mentors, and are an integral part of all education courses leading up to student teaching. Activities include, but are not limited to, observing, tutoring, lesson planning, and developing instructional materials. Field experiences may take place in public or non-public schools, or in community agencies approved by University faculty.

    International Honor Society in Education

    Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), International Honor Society in Education, was founded in 1911 to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. For over a century, the Society has consistently grown, starting with a local chapter to become the international organization it is today, with an initiated membership that exceeds 1.2 million!

    Using a variety of programs, services, and products, KDP supports and advances educators throughout the phases and levels of their teaching careers.

    The Mission

    Kappa Delta Pi strives to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service.

    The Vision

    Kappa Delta Pi desires to help committed educators be leaders in improving education for global citizenship.

    Learn more about KDP at

    Study Abroad

    Our students have served as part of the Education Team on the HUGS United mission trip as well as taken part in other study abroad and service-related opportunities.

    Student Teaching

    The student teaching semester is an extremely significant period in the teacher preparation program.  It represents both an end to undergraduate education and a beginning to the wonderful and challenging career of teaching.  It is both a requirement for certification, and an opportunity to prove that the teacher candidate deserves to belong to the learning community of the teaching profession.  

    It is the responsibility and mission of the Saint Francis University Education Department to ensure that all teacher candidates have the opportunity to gain experiences that allow them to practice, develop and demonstrate competencies in their certification area. Program candidates should be provided with a broad set of meaningful interactions with Pre-K-12 students and professional staff, as well as willing and qualified site mentors.

    The experience requires several other professionals: cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and building principals, as well as university and district administrators. 

    Student Teaching Goals

    The following goals provide a foundation for the Education Department’s professional program: 

    • To prepare teachers who are committed to students and their learning.  
    • To prepare teachers who are responsible for facilitating, managing, monitoring student learning. 
    • To prepare teachers who know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to diverse learners.
    • To prepare teachers who are reflective decision-makers; who understand theory, think systematically about their practice, and who learn from experience.
    • To prepare teachers to assume a variety of professional roles.
    • To prepare teachers who are members of learning communities. 

      For more information or questions regarding PDE certification, contact Melissa Peppetti at
    Education Club

    The Education Club is open to any student interested in pursuing teaching as a career, or in promoting the advancement of teaching.This club meets periodically and sponsors a variety of events such as guest speakers, service activities, and the American Education Week celebration.

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