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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program at SFU is designed with the uniqueness of each student in mind. Our department provides customizable course schedules and personal academic advising by Criminal Justice faculty.

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      Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

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    • Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

    • 25% Military Discount Available

  • About Our Program

    Our Criminal Justice Program prepares students for careers in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, juvenile and adult probation, community and residential reentry, loss prevention, cyber-security, forensics, and security. Students utilize evidence-based practices, technology, experiential learning, and classroom courses designed to provide them with a legal, correctional, ethical education. Students learn a variety of investigative skills and techniques and engage in courses across all aspects of the criminal justice discipline. Students also take social science courses in psychology, sociology, forensics, and criminology. If you are seeking a career that is exciting, dynamic, and rewarding; and provides an opportunity for you to make a difference in your community, you should consider SFU Criminal Justice.  

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    Majors & Minors




    Internships & Student Opportunities

    You'll complete a for-credit internship as part of the major, earning credits and real-world experience at the same time. Multiple internships are encouraged, and up to 12 credits can be earned through internships. Criminal Justice students work with faculty and an Internship Coordinator to find the most suitable opportunity. Students complete internships with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, County Courts, Victim Advocacy Agencies, Probation and Parole Offices, and the State and Federal Bureaus of Prisons. Whatever area of Criminal Justice interests you, we'll help you to find a partner agency to gain experience and build your skills as a future Criminal Justice professional.


    List of 20 Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree


    1. Probation Officer
    2. Forensic Science Technician
    3. Police Officer
    4. Corrections Officer
    5. Private Detective
    6. Fish and Game Warden
    7. Security Guard
    8. State Trooper
    9. Crime Scene Investigator
    10. Computer Forensics Specialist
    11. Fraud Investigator
    12. CIA Agent
    13. US Postal Inspector
    14. Immigration and Customs
    15. Enforcement Agent
    16. Blood Spatter Analyst
    17. Homicide Detective
    18. DEA Agent
    19. Secret Service Agent
    20. US Marshal


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    What alumni are saying about our program...

    • “The faculty will go great lengths to get you where you want to be and support you on your decisions … They’re willing to open their office for you at any time.”
    • “The classes were always fascinating, as were the discussions that took place in class.”
    • “I feel I have become a much deeper thinker, as well as a better person.”
    • “I definitely look at society differently. The major broadened my horizons.”  
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