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Computer Science Student Opportunities

  • Explore the Possibilities

    Our students gain real world experience that equips them with the skill sets they need to land world class careers. Below are just a few of the opportunities waiting for you as a future computer science student.

  • Hands-on Research

    Projects that Matter

    Real projects - Real clients - Real jobs

    Current students are carrying out real world projects with industryand nonprofits. Computer Science Student Development Teams are:

    • studying the feasibility of SFU becoming a tablet university bypushing the IPAD and other mobile technologies capabilities to the edge
    • investigation of zero client machines feasibility asreplacement technology for laptops
    • designing and developing a Diocese iPhone app
    • designing and developing a Web app for Diocese to publicizechurch events
    • developing an application to track and communicate computerscience internships in the local geographic area

    These real applications enhance our students' portfolios,communication skills and career networking opportunities.

    Opportunities to Excel!

    Our students get real-world experience that equips them with the skill sets they need to land world class careers. A vast set of opportunities awaits the engaged student, including:

    • Serving as Network Administrators on the the departments own server cluster running VMware Enterprise. 
    • Providing real CS services to clients on and off campus
    • Internships with such technology research organizations as CERMUSA
    • CS teams participate in the ICPC Programming Competition.

    Fellowship & Awards

    Department Fellowship for students

    A four - year fellowship of $2,000 per year is awarded annually up to ten incoming students per year majoring in Computer Science. Prospective Fellows must have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.5, a SAT (critical reading and math) score of at least 1100 or ACT of at least 24, and a letter of recommendation. Additionally the Fellowship requires the student to remain as a Computer Science major, maintain good academic standing (3.0 QPA) and participate in either an internship or an undergraduate research project or a study abroad experience prior to graduating. Students, as Computer Science Fellows, should also be willing to participate in outreach, tutorial or service activities. 

    Department Awards for Students

    Computer Science Undergraduate Summer Research Award

    Computer Science majors may receive an award to carry out Undergraduate Summer Research with a faculty mentor. A number of research topics are possible ranging from applied real world problems to theoretical questions. Students in previous years have received a stipend for the eight - week research program.

    Computer Science Department Travel Award

    Students who present at regional and national conferences may receive a monetary award to help with travel related expenses. Students also present their summer undergraduate research results, seminar research projects, and independent study projects at on and off campus events as well as participate in programming competitions.

    Computer Science Department Senior Award

    This award is presented to the top senior student in the department based upon academics and service to the department.

    Student Clubs

    Gaming Club

    Gaming Club MembersThe gaming club was formed by a group of friends in the Computer Science program who shared a love of video games. The club has expanded and incorporates tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering as well as livestreaming party games such as  Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Mario Kart. Throughout the year, the club also puts on other fun events such as movie nights and board game nights.

    The club also does various fundraising events each semester partnering with different charities. Read more about the gaming club

    Endowments & Partnerships

    DiSepio Chair Endowment

    This $1.5 Million Endowment provides a rich set of resources and opportunities

    • The DiSepio Endowed Computer Science Scholarship,
    • Funding for Undergraduate Research for students as early as the freshman year mentored by Computer Science faculty.
    • Library resources on Information Assurance and Computer Security
    • The DiSepio Information Assurance Laboratory: a dedicated space for CS majors equipped with enhanced technology resources to work and play in. 

    Gaming: New Media Design and Production Concentration Partnership with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

    An exciting next generation combination of web and entertainment technologies, including computer science, visual story-telling, and graphic arts where words, images (still and video), sound and human commands are integrated to produce a dynamic and exciting new media format. Saint Francis University students in this concentration will spend two semesters onsite at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology where they will complete concentration coursework in HU’s state of the art media production facilities.

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