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  • Communication is the human connection.

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    Ms. Donna Menis
    p. 814.472.3065

    Meet Our Faculty

    The face of communications is constantly changing. We embrace this change by integrating websites, blogs, social media and state-of-the-art technology into our program. Students who graduate from our Digital Media and Strategic Communications majors are prepared for the diverse landscape of today’s professional world.

    In addition to practical skills, students are also introduced to the theoretical elements of mass communications and graduate from Saint Francis with a strong understanding of the ethical principles of the discipline – principles that endure in a world where the methods of delivering information are undergoing constant change. A focus on ethics, as it relates to media and society, is integrated into all of our communications courses.


    • choose from two degree options: Digital Media or Strategic Communications ( view curriculum);
    • great career prospects: Our alumni have launched their own businesses, written for world-class newspapers and magazines, worked for major television and radio networks, and found success at highly regarded advertising and public relations firms;
    • interactive student/instructor relationships with highly qualified faculty who possess diverse practical experiences;
    • mentoring opportunities with faculty members dedicated to helping you succeed;
    • a state-of-the-art media lab for print and photo/video editing and design;
    • a state-of-the-art television studio for video productions; and
    • opportunities to join professional organizations and attend/present at regional and national conferences.

    Communications High School Video Challenge