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Center for Faith Based Health Ministry

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    DiSepio Institute
    for Rural Health and Wellness
    108 Franciscan Way
    Loretto, PA 15940

    Phone: 814-472-3923
    Fax: 814-471-1311

    At the Center for Faith Based Health Ministry, the belief is held that health is an evolving, multidimensional state of being in which mind, body, and spirit are purposefully integrated. This purposeful integration fosters the ability of individuals and communities to become more conscious of options and better able to make choices that foster optimal human functioning and quality of life.

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  • Consistent with this vision of health, the Center’s mission is to foster collaboration between communities and those who serve faith communities and health care organizations to promote individual and community wellness.

    Inspired by the mission of the Center, two projects have been undertaken:

  • Academy for Leadership in Community Based Health Ministry - Square Graphic

  • Faith Community Nursing - Square Graphic