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Biochemistry Career Opportunities

Biochemists play an important role in many industries including health, agriculture and environmental. Program graduates can seek entry-level careers or pursue a graduate degree for careers in research, teaching and applied science. The Biochemistry Pre-Medicine concentration is designed for graduates pursuing a medical degree.

  • What can you do with a Biochemistry degree?

    BiochemistCosmetics Industry: Create safe and long lasting products.

    Medical Field:  Attend medical school or test patient samples.

    Food Industry:  Develop healthier foods and ensure food safety.

    Work in industry: Multiple opportunities from cleaning oil spills to developing biodegradable products.

    Pharmaceutical industry:Drug development or research in different diseases.

    Law: Advising on scientific evidence or work with Patent law.

    Publishing: Review or write scientific works. 

    Government: Advise on scientific issues, improve public health (NIH), or ensure food quality (FDA).

    Agriculture: Develop environmentally friendly pesticides, or engineer crops able to withstand the changing environment.

    Sales & Marketing: Ensure scientific accuracy within ads. Work in sales to appropriate audiences.

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