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    2018 Alumni Trip

    Ambialet & Barcelona

    Ambialet Pic 1

    This trip celebrated the ten-year anniversary of our study abroad program in Ambialet, France. Our trip began, though, with three days in Barcelona, Spain as the group immersed itself in the culture, cuisine, architecture, and rich history of the Catalonian capital. 

    Ambialet Pic 2After leaving Spain and two quick sightseeing stops in Carcassonne and Toulouse, it was on to Ambialet and the Le Prieuré, the 14th century monastery that has been converted in living and learning spaces for Saint Francis University students. It became home for the next week as we set off to the local area to explore everything that the Midi-Pyrénées area has to offer.  

    Highlights from the local area included a trip to the Saint-Juéry market, sightseeing in Albi’s old city and the Cathedral of St. Cecelia, a gourmet lunch at le Château de Salettes, a tour of the historic castle Château de Mauriac, kayaking along the Tarn River, and an evening blues festival right there in Ambialet. And those are just some of the adventures from that week!

    Ambialet Pic 3Our time in Ambialet concluded with a ten-year celebration to commemorate the University’s time in the village. Over an outdoor picnic with live music alumni mixed with local French residents, demonstrating the strong connections we have with the village community. 

    As our trip came to a close, there was still time for one last adventure. The group made the pilgrimage to Lourdes to visit the grotto where the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette. Some bathed in the spring water while others explored the basilica and town. It was an excellent way to end our alumni travels!

    We’ve offered alumni trips to Ambialet before and plan to do so again in the future. If you want to experience all that southern France has to offer, be sure to join us on our next trip to Ambialet!

    To see photographs from the trip, click here to visit the full album. 

    Ambialet Pic 4


    2017 Alumni Trip

    Cefalù, Italy

    Alumni and Friends Cefalu Trip

    One of Europe’s most attractive season destinations, Cefalù is a charming medieval beach village located on the north coast of Sicily along the Tyrrhenian Sea. The village is noted for its beautiful sunsets, consistent blue skies, and appealing blend of Italian, Greek and Spanish culture.

    Italy Pic 1This trip was the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. There was Mass at the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna, one of Sicily’s oldest sanctuaries; exploring the Madonie Regional Natural Park; boat trips along the coast; hiking La Roca; and a day trip to Taormina along the Monte Tauro terrace, located between the Ionian Sea and Mt. Edna. 

    Italy Pic 2Of course, there was also plenty of time to explore the villages, sample incredible Sicilian cuisine, learn how to replicate such meals through cooking classes, and soak up the Mediterranean sun while lounging on the beach. No matter the type of traveler in our group, there was something for everyone! 

    To see photographs from the trip, click here to visit the full album. 

    Italy Pic 3