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Women's Studies Student Opportunities

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    As a student of the Women’s Studies program at Saint Francis University, you will have plenty of opportunities in the classroom and beyond, including research, conferences, and advocacy.

    The following students share what they believe the program has done for them:

  • Tara Fritz '17

    Tara Fritz - Women's Studies Student Opps.Tara Fritz
    Women's Studies and English
    Class of 2017

    "A Women's Studies major or minor is incredibly beneficial for all students who wish to broaden their world view by looking at women's position in the academic community and beyond; it produces students who are more open-minded, thoughtful, and self-aware. Studying women's literature has given me a valuable space in which to share my thoughts on women and feminism, as well as introduced me to books, characters, and ideas I would not have discovered otherwise."

    Argentina Bonilla '18
    Argentina Bonilla - Women's Studies Student Opps.

    Argentina Bonilla
    Women's Studies and Sociology 
    Class of 2018

    "At SFU, the Women’s Studies major has opened a lot of opportunities for me. This program concentrates on bringing injustices against women to light and promotes equality throughout society. It has definitely made an impact in my life and has inspired me to make a change. Here at SFU, I have a great advantage of being surrounded by peers who have the same interests I do. Small class sizes help to provide a more one-on-one learning experience."

    Harry Olafsen '18

    Harry Olafsen - Women's Studies Student Opps.Harry Olafsen
    Women's Studies, History, English, American Studies, Religious Studies, and Social Responsibility
    Class of 2018

    "I grew up surrounded by women; their experiences helped me to consider their positions in the family and in society and mine in comparison. Across the board, pervasive gender disparities prohibit women from their rightful equality, not only because some men block these rights but also because systemic misogyny often goes unrecognized and thus cannot be changed. I want to help combat this trend, and in the Women’s Studies program, I have the opportunity to try to understand woman’s condition around the world with the help of amazing faculty and peers. In order for a brighter tomorrow, we need to build understanding and respect today, and I feel like my degree in Women’s Studies will help me to be an agent of equality for all."