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    Tuition Exchange Scholarship Programs
    Revised September 1, 2012

    Saint Francis University is a member of three tuition exchangescholarship programs:  the CIC (Council of IndependentColleges) Tuition Exchange Program (, the Catholic CollegeCooperative Tuition Exchange Program ( and The TuitionExchange, Inc. (  The tuition exchange scholarship programs are networks of collegesand universities willing to accept students from families offull-time employees of other participating institutions.  

    Tuition Exchange Application and SelectionProcess:                                                                  

    • Applicants for a tuition exchange scholarship at Saint Francismust be certified as a candidate by their exporting institution andmeet Saint Francis University's general admissionrequirements. 
    • By September 1 of each year, Saint Francis Universityestablishes the total number of scholarships to be awarded for thefollowing academic year. 
    • Scholarship applications must be received by March1.  Decisions will be mailed no later than March30.   A student has until May 1 to submit his/hertuition deposit and notify the Office of Admissions of his/hercommitment to enroll.

    Applying to Saint Francis University

    • Students seeking consideration for a tuition exchangescholarship must complete the application for admission process andbe accepted for admission to be eligible.  Students for whomSaint Francis is a first choice are encouraged to apply early foradmission.  To apply on-line go to

    Receiving and Renewing a Tuition Exchange Scholarship

    • Tuition exchange scholarships are available for up to 4 years(including summer) or until completion of the first baccalaureatedegree, which ever comes first. 
    • All applicants MUST File the FAFSA
    • Tuition exchange scholarships are awarded beginning with thefall or spring semester of the student's first year of enrollment.In order for tuition exchange scholarship funds to be applied to astudent's tuition bill, a student must file the Free Applicationfor Federal Student Aid.  Annually, this must be done no laterthan May 1. 
    • Tuition exchange scholarships are available for full-time dayundergraduate programs, with the exception that tuitionexchange scholarships are not available to students pursuing adegree in Physician Assistant Science. 
    • Students receiving tuition exchange must reside on campus or incampus-owned or operated facilities.  Exceptions would includedependent individuals living with parents and commuting within aradius of 40 miles; married students; internships. 
    • When a student is awarded a tuition exchange scholarship, thestudent must maintain full-time status [minimum of twelve (12)credits per semester] in an undergraduate program each year andcomply in full with all policies and procedures of Saint FrancisUniversity, including all academic and behavioralexpectations.
    • Tuition exchange scholarship funds may be used only for tuitioncharges.  If the student receives other "tuition only"scholarships, adjustments to the awards will be necessary. Beginning fall semester 2011, the scholarship will be awarded astuition charges less Federal and State Grants (Pell, PHEAA, etc) asdetermined through the Free Application for Federal StudentAid.
    • A tuition exchange scholarship covers eight semesters or thecompletion of a first bachelor's degree.  The scholarship doesnot cover repeat courses, or summer courses unless summer coursesare required as part of the student's curriculum.
    • Any additional costs must be covered by the student.  Roomand board fees and other Saint Francis University fees are notcovered by a tuition exchange scholarship.  A copy of the University's housing policy can be found on the top of the Scholarships & Grants page.  A student who is granted a tuition exchange scholarship is noteligible for any other scholarships or grants given by SaintFrancis University. 
    • Tuition exchange scholarships include tuition only for SaintFrancis University study abroad programs, and do not include CCSAor self designed consortium agreements for study abroad.
    • Annually, the tuition exchange programs officer of theexporting institution is responsible for certifying the tuitionexchange scholars each year.  Saint Francis University willrenew the scholarship upon receipt of the annual certificationdocument provided the student remains in good academic standing(2.75 cumulative GPA or higher) and is in good social/behavioralstanding.  In addition, the scholarship recipient must remaincurrent in paying of charges not covered by the tuition exchangescholarship in order to receive a scholarship renewal. 

    For more information

    Questions pertaining to the Tuition Exchange ScholarshipPrograms policy at Saint Francis University may be directed to:

    Darlene Prosser
    Tuition Exchange Programs Coordinator
    Office of Residence Life

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