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Students abroad in France visit Toulouse

February 21, 2014


albi 14

We continue our adventures studying abroad in France with a trip to Toulouse. Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France and is a beautiful city with an amazing history. We got to visit a museum with many exhibits from Roman times. Many of the exhibits were unearthed from under modern day Toulouse as new construction occurs. We also studied the structure and architecture of the Basilica of St. Sernin. We are always amazed at the detail that goes into these fabulous works of our ancestors.

The students are doing well with their class work and learning so much about the region. The students have had many opportunities to use their French to order lunch and shop at the street markets and the many shops in the town center of Toulouse as well as the closer towns of Albi and of course Ambialet. It is fun to communicate with the locals. I do get some strange looks and wonder how my French translated but I get that when I am speaking English as well.

The French food continues to thrill the connoisseur. We are continuing to enjoy Bernard’s cooking but have added in a theme night every Sunday for the last three weeks. The first theme night organized by Lisa Gentile and Eric Sepich was Crepe night. The crepe came out fantastic. Eric, Lisa and several students fed the masses with never ending crepes. The dinner crepes had ham, cheeses, egg, spinach, onions, mushrooms, and …. The choices seemed endless. And then there were dessert crepes, Nutella, fruit, butter, lemon, whip topping, caramel, wow. We have had two additional Sunday theme nights that have been equally amazing. One night focused on the foods from the Alsace region (near Germany) and the second on the Provence region (near Spain). Speaking of Spain, it is time for the crew to head to Barcelona.

Au revoir, Rose Clark