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Dr. Teelyn Mauney

  • Teelyn Mauney Profile

    Position: Department Chair, Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Jutice

    Department: Sociology and Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, Adult Degree and Continuing Studies

    Office: Scotus Hall 203A

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    About Dr. Teelyn Mauney


    • Ph.D., Sociology - University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    • M.A., Sociology - Humboldt State University
    • B.A., Speech/Communication - Humboldt State University
    • Academic Profile
    • Career Information
    • Research & Interests
    Academic Profile

    Courses Taught (at saint Francis University)

    • Crime and Delinquency
    • The Sociology of Criminal Justice
    • The Sociology of Corrections
    • The American Court Systems
    • American and Social Problems
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Seminar in Social Contro
    • The Sociology of Art, Service and Inequality (Special Topics Course Taught in Mexico
    • Criminal Justice Internship/Research Projects
    • Honors special topics reading courses: Serial Murderers; Stop Genocide; Women’s Lives and Decisions
    • I have also taught The Sociology of Women Online at University of Nebraska, Environmental Sociology, Drugs and Society, Honors Seminar in Sociology at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

    Academic Leadership

    Dr. Mauney is the faculty advisor for the Criminal Justice Club (2005 to present). Most recently, she has been appointed to be the Assistant Director of the Student Abroad in Mexico Program. In Fall (2008) she was an invited speaker at the Northeastern Renewable Energy Conference at Penn State.

    Career Information

    Dr. Teelyn Mauney received her Ph.D. in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and Environmental Sociology from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 2005. She taught from 2004-2005 full-time at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. After that, in 2005 (FALL), she came to teach at Saint Francis University in the Criminal Justice/Sociology program.

    Research & Interests


    • Social Control
    • Power
    • Social Order
    • Inequality
    • Social Movements
    • Corrections
    • Prison Culture
    • Environmental Sociology
    • Mexico
    • Qualitative Methods


    My primary research interest is in the area of social control. I am interesting in formal social control through the criminal justice system and I am interested in informal social control. I am primarily interested in how human societies create/use social control to create social order when they are able to do so without crossing over the line into oppression.

    A research project I conducted in this area focused on a small, rural community in the Midwest and how a group of local citizens came together to fight and successfully control a fortune 500 meatpacking company which was polluting the air and harming human and environmental health. Currently, I am involved in a research project with Dr. Zhang and the SFU Renewable Energy Center on resistance to and acceptance of wind energy projects in communities here. I am interested in this because it differs from my dissertation research significantly. A community is still fighting to change corporate behavior, but in this case the communities are fighting against what some consider environmentally beneficial structures – wind farms that produce renewable energy.

    As a teacher, I am very interested in promoting my students and one of the main ways to accomplish this is to help them build their professional resumes with experiences and honors that have meaning in the academic and business world. I have re-opened the Honors Society in Sociology – Alpha Kappa Delta. We inducted five students last year (2008) and are inducting more this year. Dr. Zhang and I hired three research assistants for the Wind Energy Project, which enables students to show they have had original research experience and this helps with graduate school, scholarships and with job acquisition. Additionally, I bring many representatives from the justice field to campus which helps student gain internship opportunities and job connections.