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STAR Productions presents Tabloid Truth

Event Details

Start Date:  November 19, 2013
Start Time: 7:30
End Time: 8:15
Location: JFK Student Center
Email: kresinski@francis.edu
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 Tabloid Truth Cast


[and these tabloids are free]

In a creative project by STAR Productions at Saint Francis University, articles from those tabloid newspapers purchased at check-out lines will be turned into dramatic monologues as part of a theatrical presentation. The Actors and Actresses themselves wrote their own monologues and will perform their own monologue creations as part of a theatrical production.

Entitled ?TABLOID TRUTH? and presented for ONE NIGHT ONLY
—Tuesday November 19 at 7:30pm in the JFK Center on the Loretto campus of Saint Francis University—

This assemblage of bizarre, unusual and sometimes down-right weird monologues will be offered FREE to ALL. No tickets are necessary and there is no scheduled Dinner / Theatre although the cast will be available in FRANKIE’S Snack-Bar downstairs in JFK after the show to schmooze with and answer questions if any audience members so desire.


The cast of actor-writers is really a true STAR cast. STAR is an acronym for Students, Teachers, Area Residents, and the cast is so comprised.

  • The Student cast is Nicolette Bucci, a sophomore Occupational Therapy major and Chelsea Crandall, a sophomore Education major.
  • The Teacher in the cast is Martha O’Brien, a member of the Fine Arts Department and Associate Dean of General Education.
  • The Area Residents in the cast are Ron Kalososki of Portage and Brady Saksa from Cresson.

This diverse cast will provide a piece of a laugh, a piece of a tear, and a whole lot of drama, all in 45 minutes.

This production is made possible by the Fine Arts Department.

For more information on STAR Productions, please visit http://francis.edu/theatre

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