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Sigma Chi Lambda Rho Chapter Installed

December 10, 2012

Sigma Chi Lambda Rho installation

After 3 years of dedication, belief, and hard work, the Sigma Chi Psi Colony at Saint Francis was installed. The Lambda Rho Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity initiated 38 brothers. The installation banquet for the Chapter took place at the Scotch Valley Country Club in Altoona on the evening of Saturday, December 1, with Sigma Chi Grand Consul Dennis Santoli signing Lambdo Rho’s charter.

The Brothers of Sigma Chi at Saint Francis started the journey to found their own Fraternity Chapter with an idea. A small group of men who were freshman in Spring 2009 wished to be part of an organization bigger than themselves and which would make them better men. They knew of such an organization with one of their fathers being a Sigma Chi as well as some notable figures around campus.

Sigma Chi is one of the oldest and most storied college Fraternities in the world, founded at Miami University of Ohio in 1855 and is now composed of 241 undergraduate and 148 alumni chapters with over 223,000 members. The fundamental purpose of the fraternity is the cultivation of the ideals of Friendship, Justice, and Learning by developing programs that build character and promote leadership. Its Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (BLTW) is the largest of its kind in the world. Sigma Chi’s membership includes a host of prominent figures, ranging from three astronauts including John Young who landed on the moon, and Dr. William DeVries, the inventor of the artificial heart, to famous athletes Mike Ditka, Drew Brees and Bob Griese, and actors John Wayne, Tom Selleck and Brad Pitt. Sigma Chi includes numerous company CEO’s and the largest number of members in the United States Congress.

The ideals the Fraternity valued and the success it had already had in creating great men, fascinated the young Saint Francis men so they began to pursue membership in Sigma Chi. After being recognized as a Sigma Chi Colony in the Spring of 2011 and pledging an Alpha class of 17 men, the group has achieved the highest GPA of all Fraternities at the Saint Francis Campus in two out of their three semesters as well as recruiting the most members of all Fraternities in every semester. The Colony Brothers also managed to organize and participate in a number of different philanthropic events such as twice setting up for Saint Francis' free health care clinic for families in the local area, organizing a Sigma Chi Slip and Slide for charity, and raising money for Crohns and Colitis research by participating in Blair Gastroenterology’s “Take Steps” walk in Hollidaysburg.

This Installation Banquet was attended by 120-plus guests including President Father Gabriel Zeis, T.O.R who praised the newly initiated Lambda Rho Chapter for their accomplishment. Also in attendance was Sigma Chi Alumnus the Very Reverend Father Nicholas Polichnowski, Chairman of the Board at Saint Francis University, who was awarded the prestigious recognition of “Significant Sig” by Grand Consul Dennis Santoli.

The Lambda Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi would like to give special thanks to Chapter Advisors Henry Chuang and the Honorable Bud Shuster for their teachings and support, Sigma Chi Theta Chapter at Gettysburg College, Alpha Chi Chapter at Pennsylvania State University, Lambda Pi at Carnegie Melon University, and all Sigma Chi Headquarters staff for their assistance in initiation, and the Saint Francis community for embracing Sigma Chi on campus.