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Semester in Siena

New Program: Beginning Spring 2017 students can spend a semester abroad in Tuscany's historic, medieval hill town of Siena for the same tuition, room and board costs as a semester in Loretto. Contact the Office for Study Abroad, 472-3245,, for information on how to enroll.

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    Juliana Horvath
    Office of Study Abroad

    Siena, a university town with a population of 60,000, is located one hour from Florence, and two and a half hours from Rome.  The city itself offers countless opportunities to serve as a living classroom, with its soaring medieval towers, early Renaissance art, and the scenic surroundings of vineyards and olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see.

    Students in every major are eligible for the Semester in Siena program upon completion of their first semester. Most students find the semester abroad programs fit their curriculum best either during the spring semester of their freshmen year or one of the sophomore semesters. Students interested in this program should talk with their academic advisors about which semester fits best in their college career.

  • Academic Program

    This program is designed to give students the most authentic cultural and academic experience possible.  Students will explore the multitude of cultural events and activities in Siena ranging from theater and music performances to the awe-inspiring architecture and artistry.  Classes will be held at a center located in the 19th century Palazzo Bargagli, within the medieval city walls in the Contrada dell’Istrice.  Students will also take cooking classes to learn the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and participate in a service learning opportunity and connect with the community.

    Academic Offerings

    Students experience the beauty and history of one of Tuscany’s most picturesque hill towns, while engaging with the vibrant culture and art of Siena, Italy.  Excursions to Venice, Padua, Florence, Rome, and Assisi are planned, as are multiple day trips throughout the region. 

    Course offerings for the Spring 2017 semester include:

    • ART 202: Art History II (3 credits)
    • FNAR 102: Culture and Values (3 credits)
    • ENGL 203: World Literature (3 credits)
    • ECON 101: Principles of Economics I (3 credits)
    • ITAL 112: Intensive Elementary Italian (3 credits)
    • ITAL 201: Intermediate Italian I (3 credits)
    • ITAL 202: Intermediate Italian II  (3 credits)
    • RLST 400: Saint Francis and the Art of Italia Renaissance (3 credits)

    The tuition and room/board costs for a Semester in Siena are the same as a semester in Loretto. Students may use their complete financial aid package (some exceptions may apply). The only additional expense will be airfare and personal spending. Students are also expected to cover their own costs for non-course related travel (mid-semester break, etc.).

    Requirements / Application

    Students interested in this program will need to obtain a valid passport and student visa. If you have any interest in traveling abroad, and don't yet have these items, please begin the process ASAP. For the student visa, you will need to complete the "long term visa" form.

    Students must have a 2.7 QPA (anything lower requires approval from the program director).

    A completed application is to be returned to the Office for Study Abroad in 15 Francis Hall along with:

    • A Statement of Purpose
    • Current Saint Francis University Transcript
    • Transcripts form other colleges/universities, if applicable
    • Deposit of $300

    Semester in Siena Application