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Semester in France

Saint Francis University's Office for Study Abroad offers a semester abroad program in France for the same room/board and tuition costs as a semester on campus in Loretto (students' financial aid packages apply).

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  • Students stay in the University's facility in Ambialet, located in southwestern France. The site is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Tarn River and the village of Ambialet. The program is based in Ambialet but includes extended stays in Paris and Barcelona. Students profit from numerous visits to important sites in the region. Visits to museums, monuments and natural sites are enhanced by events such as fairs, pastry fests and concerts.

  • Academic Program

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    Students in every major are eligible for the France program upon completion of their first semester. Most students find the Semester in France program fits their curriculum best either during the spring semester of their freshmen year or one of the sophomore semesters. Students interested in this program should talk with their academic advisors about which semester fits best in their college career. 

    Academic Offerings

    Courses offered each semester in France include French Language, Culture and Values, Early and Medieval Church History and Architecture, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Additional courses are offered, each semester, by visiting faculty. Students may also take on-line courses to help maintain their progress toward graduation.

    Ambialet is located 25 minutes from Albi (population 50,000), the largest city in the Tarn region of Southwest France. In Ambialet/Albi the focus is on the language/culture course to ensure everyone has basic communication skills in French. The course work covers intensively the religious pilgrimages and the fascinating period in southwestern France that involved the Cathars. This is the primary historical foundation of the region, and every advantage is taken to include the region's hilltop towns, fortified castles, cities, splendid cathedrals and shrines. Students in the Health Systems course will also visit numerous health care facilities to experience, first-hand, the French health system.

    While in Paris and Barcelona, the academic focus is on art, history, language and culture. From their centrally–located dormitories, students will visit working artists in their studios, museums, landmarks, architectural wonders (even the department stores are works of art!) – indeed, everything that make these places the magical cities they are!


    The tuition and room/board costs for a Semester in France are the same as a semester in Loretto. Students may use their complete financial aid package (some exceptions may apply). The only additional expense will be airfare and personal spending. Students are also expected to cover their own costs for non-course related travel (mid-semester break, etc.).

    Requirements / Application

    Students interested in this program will need to obtain a valid passport and student visa. If you have any interest in traveling abroad, and don't yet have your passport, please begin the process ASAP.  Students accepted into this program will be assisted with obtaining their visas. 

    At the time of application students must have a 2.7 GPA for the semester-long program  (anything lower requires approval from the program director). Students must have successfully completed at least one semester, and preferably one year, at Saint Francis University before studying abroad. Students must demonstrate emotional stability and maturity and indicate the ability to lead a responsible and healthy life abroad as a representative of the U.S. and Saint Francis University. 

    A completed Semester in France Application is to be returned to the Office for Study Abroad in 15 Francis Hall along with:

    • A Statement of Purpose
    • Current Saint Francis University Transcript
    • Transcripts form other colleges/universities, if applicable
    • Deposit of $300

    Semester in France Fall Application

    Semester in France Spring Application


    Mackenzie case testimonial.png 2"Living in Ambialet was such a wonderful change of pace for me compared to my busy lifestyle at school. It has opened my eyes and mind to a world that needs to be explored!  I feel so independent and confident in myself because I stepped out of my comfort zone, met new people and enjoyed learning about new cultures! I am so thankful I took the leap to study abroad and will reflect these memories for the rest of my life!"

    Mackenzie Case, Physician Assistant Major

    breann rohrer testimonial"My favorite aspect of the program has to be the freedom we have here. Everything here is our responsibility and unlike back home, we don't have our family right there to help us so it's up to us to figure it out. Eric's class and the day trips are always interesting! Kierstin and I are heading to Prague and Italy for spring break and we are very excited! We're all having so much fun here!"

    Breann Rohrer, 2019 Spring Semester in France

    john mccrystal testimonial


    "This program was a journey I'll never forget. You learn so much more about the world around you when you put yourself in another country.  France gives you friends, fun, food, culture and so, so much more. Take the chance and visit France!"

    John McCrystal, 2018 Fall Semester in France

    leandra feight testimonial

    "Experiencing the French culture was one of the  best experiences of my life, it  felt like it was my second home.  It was life and I will have memories to cherish for a lifetime."

    LeAndra Feight, 2018 Fall Semester in France

    Makaylea Vicari testimonial.png 2

    "I wish everyone had the opportunity to live life to the fullest every day, exactly what I got to do in my study abroad experience! I loved it!"

    Makaylea Vicari, Physician Assistant Major

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