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Students depart for Semester in France

September 16, 2013


priory at night

This past weekend Saint Francis students began their Semester in France adventure, departing for the University's exclusive site in Ambialet (pictured above). Kilee Bomgardner, Kathryn Edgar, Alix Hochard, Kaylee Hollan, Taylor Kyle, Erin Maher, Tori Martin, Katrina McCombie, Brandyn Pryce, Bridget Reilly, Sara Tarr, Courtney Wilk and Emily J Wolpiuk left on Saturday morning. They were guided by faculty member Bob Low and his spouse, Darlene.

Program assistant, Eric Sepich, left a few days earlier to prepare for the group's arrival. The next several months will be an unforgettable semester for these scholars. Stay tuned for updates on their adventures.