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Seeking Veterans to tell Combat Stories

August 1, 2012

Dr. Justin Snyder, assistant professor of sociology, is seeking veterans who would be willing to speak with him about their combat experiences; and would also like to interview family members of combat veterans.

Dr. Snyder is trying to help Americans understand veterans and what they have been through. He wants to know what combat life is like and how it affects veterans’ daily lives. Dr. Snyder is conducting the interviews for a book he is writing. The interviews are completely confidential; he will not use real names or any other biographical information in his research.

The interviews can be conducted at home, at Saint Francis or at any comfortable and private place. This will be a chance for veterans to talk about their experiences, have their stories heard and have their memories fully recorded. 

If you are interested in being interviewed, want to find out more about the interview process or talk to Dr. Snyder, please contact him at 814-471-1125 or jsnyder@francis.edu.