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    School of Arts and Letters

    It is tough to know where you are going, if you don't know where you have been. That's why the scripture says, "Know the rock from which you've been hewn." St. Francis put a high premium on the ability of the liberal arts to open the mind and heart-and to help one better understand their place in the world.

    Employers and graduate schools want thoughtful, articulate and creative people who can adapt quickly in a changing marketplace. A liberal arts education provides that—just ask our A&L graduates, who have been successful in the professional, artistic, educational, legal, and corporate worlds. In the School of Arts & Letters, we prepare your mind, heart and soul for the very real world.

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    Featured Alumni

    Katie believes in fitting a lot into a 24-hour day.During her time at Saint Francis she was a double major in history and math secondary education, a member of the Honors Program and played on the lacrosse team. Off the field she excelled as an undergraduate fellow in the history and political science department while also serving as editor-in-chief of the student-athlete advisory council newsletter. She even found time to travel to London to research Victorian education practices as part of the School's Intrepid program. Katie is now working toward a master's degree in Southeast Asian history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

  • Competitive Advantages

    More than 370 students are majoring in disciplines located within the school, and they find plenty of opportunity to grow as scholars and citizens. They are mentored by faculty members who are second to none. The professors have studied and earned degrees at some of the finest universities in China, Europe, Britain, Canada and the United States. They have brought world-class training to Loretto. The faculty not only create knowledge, but they teach knowledge and skills. Teaching is their top priority. And they do it well. Peers and students have bestowed 33 teaching awards upon our faculty during the past two decades.

    What is Intrepid Research

    Intrepid is a financial grant program for undergraduate students in the School of Arts & Letters. The three annual grant awards provide motivated and high achieving students with an opportunity to fearlessly embrace their future by designing, executing and completing a boldly original academic, creative or service project. Ideally, the project will be interdisciplinary in nature and exemplify one or more of the eight Goals of Franciscan Higher Education at Saint Francis University. The project should be the apex of the student’s undergraduate academic career.

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