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Dr. Rosemary Juel Bertocci

  • Rosemary Bertocci Profile

    Position: Department Chair

    Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Office: Scotus 225A

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    About Dr. Rosemary Juel Bertocci


    • B.A. Carnegie-Mellon University
    • M.A. Saint Vincent Seminar
    • Ph.D., Systematic Theology - Duquesne University


    Dr. Bertocci has taught at Saint Francis since 1993. Over the years she has been honored with various awards for excellence in teaching. Dr. Bertocci is responsible for both introductory and upper level courses. Her primary interest is bridging disparities between science and religion, and inspiring personal appropriation of both viewpoints. Dr. Bertocci invites students to take the step from thought to action, from theological analysis to commitment. She has recently been selected as an advisory editor for Metanexus Online, serves on the Faculty Senate, is the Chi Chapter advisor for Delta Epsilon Sigma, and is chair of the Integrity Steering Committee for Middlestates.

    Dr. Bertocci invites students to appropriate Francis and Clare of Assisi’s values, principally as they relate to the Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] – 1. ending extreme poverty (Francis lived in solidarity with the poor and lepers); 2. environmental sustainability (Francis is the patron saint of the environment); and 3. population stabilization (Francis’ teachings are Jesus’ in medieval dress; he puts forward a re-writing of the gospel, which teaches that children, like the poor and marginalized, receive special attention from Jesus: "Whoever receives a child for my sake, receives me" [Mt 18.5].) (Please see

    Dr. Bertocci and her husband Dr. Francis Rohlf, Coordinator of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Mount Aloysius College, have lead service-learning programs in Mexico, Honduras, and Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, the epicenter of the HIV-AIDS pandemic. During 2009, they plan to serve at an orphanage in Jamaica, travel to Haiti, and offer a retreat on Saints Francis and Clare in Ambialet, France.

    Drs. Bertocci and Rohlf have collaborated in areas such as, teaching on "Compassionate Capitalism: Integrated Philanthropy and the U.N. Millennium Development Goals," for Leadership Alle-Kiski Valley, lecturing on "Values and Ethical Issues in Theology, Science, and Technology" in the Netherlands, and securing a grant from the Center for Theology and the Natural Science’s (CTNS) Science and Religion Course Program, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Their publications include: "A Lonerganian Kritik of the Evolutionary Sciences and Religious Consciousness: The Isomorphism of Structures, Activities, and Analysis" (Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies, Vol. 20:1), "Pedagogy for Medical Ethics in Practice: A Reasonable Approach for Health Care Practitioners," (Perspective on Physician Assistant Education, Vol. 16:1).

    Dr. Bertocci has been elected to the Delta Epsilon Sigma (DES) Executive Committee. She attended the annual meeting held in St. Petersburg, Florida, January 4 and 5, 2011, where she was officially inducted as a committee member.