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    After completing our course of study, majors in Religious Studies will be able to:

    • relate Catholic and Franciscan historical, cultural, religious, and theological perspectives to contemporary issues
    • explain the history, culture, and theology of more than one major non-Christian religious tradition
    • evaluate foundational theoretical perspectives relating to the theological, social, ethical, and practical dimensions of religion
    • apply principles for making ethical decisions that promote peace, justice, and compassion for all of creation
    • demonstrate effective writing and communication skills.

    Degree Options

    Religious Studies Majors

    • Religious Studies, B.A.  
    • Philosophy and Religious Studies, B.A.  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Arts & Letters to view degree requirements.

    Religious Studies Minor

    • Religious Studies, Minor  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Arts & Letters to view degree requirements.

    Why Religious Studies at SFU

    Religious Studies majors at Saint Francis University explore the universal dimension of the religious experience as expressed through the Catholic-Christian faith, Franciscan tradition, and other world religions. Our curriculum emphasizes the Franciscan Values of Higher Education by highlighting the centrality of religion and its influence on concepts from science and politics to fine arts and athletics, while examining social justice and ethical traditions that invite students to put their faith into action locally and globally.

    All incoming majors will meet with a member of the department to develop a learning plan. The student and faculty member will set up an action plan at the beginning of each academic year, explicating a time line for submissions to each year’s portfolio. At the beginning of the senior year, the student will submit a written thesis statement to the faculty member, along with due dates for the rough and final drafts of the thesis.

    With proper guidance and planning, majors will be prepared to pursue careers in religious education, political advocacy, environmental activism, ministry, pastoral counseling, family services, law, social services, and global and community development.

    Career Opportunities

    With a degree in Religious Studies, you may pursue one of the following career paths

    • Clergy member
    • Scholar
    • Author/Speaker
    • Parochial/CCD Teacher
    • Spiritual mentor
    • Social work
    • Non-profit
    • Religious administrative
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