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Psychology Degrees & Programs

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    Is Psychology for you?

    A degree in psychology prepares students for their futures as responsible global citizens. The curriculum engages students in research and scholarly activity, while also encouraging them to apply coursework in internships, study abroad, and/or community service. Graduates of the psychology program are prepared for entry-level employment in the field and for advanced study in graduate or professional schools.

    Degree Options

    Psychology Majors

    • Psychology, B.A. (General Liberal Arts Track)
    • Psychology, B.A. (Ph.D. Track)
    • Psychology, B.A. (Pre-professional Track)
    • Psychology, B.S. (General Liberal Arts Track)
    • Psychology, B.S. (Ph.D. Track)
    • Psychology, B.S. (Pre-professional Track)

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Arts & Letters to view degree requirements.

    Psychology Minor

    • Psychology, Minor  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Arts & Letters to view degree requirements.

  • Why study Psychology at SFU?

    The Psychology program at Saint Francis University is grounded in the Goals of Franciscan Higher Education and the learning goals identified by the American Psychological Association. This program, which offers a B.A. as well as a B.S. degree, is designed to introduce students to natural and social scientific investigations of behavior and mental processes. Within a liberal arts and sciences tradition, the Psychology Department is committed to teaching, mentoring, research, scholarly activity, and to service, both to the university and to our external communities.

    Career Opportunities
    Academic Advisor
    Activity Director
    Administrative Assistant
    Admissions Counselor
    Advertising Agent/Manager
    Affirmative Action Representative
    Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor
    Bank Manager
    Behavior Analyst
    Business Manager
    Camp Staff Director
    Career Counselor
    Case Worker
    Child Welfare Worker
    Claims Specialist
    Community Relations Officer
    Community Service Agency Director
    Corrections Officer
    Customer Service Director
    Day Care Center Director
    Guidance Counselor
    Hospital Administrator
    Human Resources Administrator
    Insurance Agent
    Job Analyst
    Juvenile Officer
    Labor Relations Specialist
    Loan Officer
    Market Research Analyst
    Marriage Counselor
    Mental Health Worker
    Newspaper Reporter
    Nursing Home Administrator
    Parole Officer
    Personnel Manager
    Public Relations Manager
    Rehabilitation Counselor
    Sales Representative
    Social Worker
    Statistical Analyst
    Speech Pathologist
    Youth Counselor