Physician Assistant Science Success Stories

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    Elisha Fleig - Class of 2013

    Major: Physician Assistant Science and Spanish

    I pursued an education at Saint Francis for the PA program, and I certainly was not disappointed. Along the way, I joined the Honors program and picked up a second major in Spanish. These were challenging decisions, but significant and shaping nonetheless. My Spanish allowed me to travel abroad and study in Spain, along with taking two medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic to translate and assist the medical providers. The Honors program allowed my passion for research to flourish. Then during the past year as I've completed my Masters degree, I've been able to assist in many incredible medical cases and sharpen my knowledge and skills as a soon-to-be physician assistant. I even got to use my Spanish skills on many occasions throughout my rotations, which set me apart from other job candidates.


    Ms. Lisa Moser - Class of 2013

    Major: Physician Assistant Science

    While at Saint Francis studying to become a Physician Assistant, I have taken many science classes with wonderful professors who really want us to learn so we gain the knowledge needed to be a health care professional. But what has really set my experience here apart is how all of the disciplines (sciences, English, religion/philosophy, etc.) work together to shape us into care providers who can empathize with our patients. During my time here I had the opportunity to construct an Honors Thesis entitled, 'Listening with Compassion: The Benefits of Storytelling in the Health Care Setting.' With this project, I was able to collaborate with people from all disciplines across campus and discover where health care at times fails and how care providers can better serve patients so the outcomes for both the patient and care provider can improve. Throughout this project, and in my classes in general, my professors have challenged me and demonstrated a genuine desire not only for me to do well but to become a better person. Overall, I feel better prepared to go out into the world and interact with my future patients in a way that will promote communication, understanding, and healing.

    Ms. Christina Rombouts - Class of 2013

    Major: Physician Assistant Science

    Minor: French, Philosophy

    Looking back on my four years at Saint Francis, I’m overwhelmed by how much I gained in that short time. From the beginning, I had a clear picture in mind of the kind of career I wanted to have, and Saint Francis’ Physician Assistant program was the perfect fit. As a freshman, I was excited to begin the path towards being a PA, but I could not have predicted the other interests I would discover and pursue. The diversity of clubs and activities at Saint Francis encourages everybody to try something new for its own sake. The students here are focused enough on their goals to succeed, but curious enough to branch out from their major and become well-rounded people with many interests. In any given club, you’ll find students from all different majors, and anybody is welcome. Although I was a health sciences student, I found myself a member of things like the Literary Guild and the French Club. I also benefited greatly from classes that I took as part of the General Education program – in particular, philosophy and foreign languages. These classes piqued my interest, and persuaded me to minor in philosophy and French, which, in turn, opened doors to new opportunities. I was fortunate enough to participate in the month-long study abroad program in Ambialet, France, which was undoubtedly one of the best months of my life. My years at Saint Francis were a wonderful medley of experiences that could not have been replicated anywhere else.

  • Alumni Reaching Higher

    Two of our alumni were recently featured in the Saint Francis University Magazine.

    Christy Roos

    Kendra Sacks

    Faculty & Staff Reaching Higher

    E. William McGrath, Jr., MD

     Dr. McGrath, 2012 Preceptor of the Year
    Dr. McGrath at North Florida Ob & Gyn Associates in Fernandina Beach, Florida was awarded Preceptor of the Year in 2012. He has been a preceptor for us since 2003. He typically will take two students a year. A student commented that Dr. McGrath “had been the most dedicated, well spoken, intelligent, great teacher and overall exceptional doctor that I had encountered during clinical year and quite possibly my entire life." Another student comments that "he is a wonderful teacher and person in all."


    Lawrence Glad

    Dr. Lawrence Glad at Laurel Highlands Ob/Gyn in Hopwood, Pennsylvania has been a preceptor for us since 2006. He takes a student for nearly each rotation and has been voted Preceptor of the Year. Students comment that Dr. Glad “truly cares and takes time out of his hectic schedule for his students.” Another student comments that he provides excellent care to his patient.  “Franciscan values are seen every day, not only with his students, but his patients and colleagues as well.”

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