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Dr. Nicholaos Jones

Nicholaos Jones

School: Arts & Letters
Academic Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Graduation Year: 2000

Nicholaos's Story


  • B.A. Philosophy, 2000

Employment Status

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Alabama-Huntsville


  • Publications in Asian Philosophy, Biology and Philosophy, Philosophy East & West, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science, as well as an introductory ethics e-textbook
  • First recipient of the Whetstone-Seaman junior faculty development award, sponsored by the Alabama Humanities Foundation
  • Member of the Alabama Humanities Foundation's grants review committee
  • Speaker at local community groups about issues concerning civility and morality


I enrolled at SFC as a physician assistant major and completed 2.5 semesters of coursework before changing majors. As part of my prerequisites, I took PHL205 with G. Steven Neeley during my second year. Reading Thomas Aquinas' fourth proof for the existence of God, I remember thinking: This argument is ridiculous. I wrote a term paper saying as much. Then I returned to physician assistant studies, interspersed with a few courses in ethics and private meetings with Neeley. And then, in the spring semester of my junior year, despite protestations from my parents, I switched majors. I never looked back. Tim Menta guided me through a capstone course on Kant's first Critique (after which I presented my term paper at an undergraduate conference in Philadelphia); Neeley and Bob Stith (now retired) made themselves available outside the classroom to talk about philosophy and life in general; the extent of my prior coursework allowed me to pursue classes in mathematics and history; Pete Skoner took me to my first ever professional conference, at which I presented a mathematics paper; and Rosemary Bertocci exposed me to the nature of scholarly research in a seminar on Religion and Evolutionary Psychology. Apart from academics, a part-time job cleaning at the monastery gave me an opportunity to discuss theology and religion with the TORs; and a series of other jobs, including dishwasher in Torvian, lifeguard in Stokes, computer lab assistant in Scotus, and painter during two summers, helped me learn how to balance the opportunities of education with the demands of life.

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