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  • Ministry Opportunities:

    Every Catholic is called to be holy in a unique and special way; and while not every person shares the same skills and abilities, we are taught to serve one another as Christ has served us on the altar of the Cross.  Liturgical worship is the main way Catholics worship God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Through it’s form, liturgy teaches and tells us who God is and who we ought to be. To think of our time in Church as passive and empty, a mere silent receptive presence would be wrong though. 

    Through our prayer, through our singing, reading, listening, serving, we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. In a moment of time we have a taste of heaven where our loved ones have gone before us and eternal peace reigns. This worship is not limited to the Priest or Deacon, or the Friars either. For those who have the gift of music through voice or playing an instrument, we encourage you to join Music Ministry. For those who enjoy reading the word of God, we encourage you to try Lectoring. For those with an eye for detail and a gift of service behind the scenes, we encourage you to serve as a Sacristan. For those who enjoy assisting and serving others, we encourage you to learn to be an Altar Server.  


  • Sacristan

    Sacristan – The word sacristan finds its origin in the word sacred. A sacristan helps to handle and prepare the sacred vessels for the liturgy. Have an eye for detail and a gift for service behind the scenes? We encourage you to serve as a sacristan.

    Altar Server

    Altar Server – Have a love for service and want to be close to Jesus at the Altar? Altar servers have the unique opportunity to give God glory through assisting the priest at the liturgy. If you love to serve God and are looking for a direct way to do that, this is your chance! 


    Lector – ­At the liturgy we are fed at the table of the Word and the table of the Eucharist. Our souls are nourished as the scriptures are proclaimed. Do you love to read the word of God and want to proclaim scripture to the people at liturgy? This is the way to make it happen!

    Music Ministry

    Music Ministry – Music is the language of the soul. What better way is there to speak that language than to use your musical talents for the Lord? Music ministry is the opportunity to use your musical talent for the glory of God. 


    FIRE Starters is a Confirmation retreat team, consisting of college students, lay ministers, and Franciscan friars.  They offer retreats that include praise and worship, prayer, drama, skits, faith sharing activities, games, Mass and Confession.

    For more information on the program contact Denise Farabaugh at 814.472.3172 or

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