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Merit Pages

Saint Francis University students have college-verified profile pages on the Merit platform where they can build their reputation as they enter the workplace or continue their education. Their online profile pages can be updated by both the student and the University with achievements such as community engagement, awards, honors, leadership, and much more.
  • Badges

    Merit badge honors list

    Students collect badges such as this one to decorate their Merit page and share on social media.

    Badges help to identify student achievements in various areas to showcase their academic and community involvement during their time at Saint Francis.

    • Stories to Share
    • How it Works
    • Publishing
    • Student Information
    Stories to Share

    What types of stories should I submit?Merit achievement screenshot

    • Career placements
    • Certifications
    • Community engagement and service - Community Engaged (CE) courses or volunteerism
    • Distinctions - such as winning an award
    • Global experiences - such as study abroad
    • Internships
    • Leadership
    • Networking - students attend conference and advocate and/or network
    • Research - recognition or presenting research at a conference
    • Scholarships awarded

    See examples on SFU's Merit Page >

    How it Works

    How does Merit work?

    1. New students will receive an email inviting them to activate their Merit Page.
    2. Students may personalize their page with pictures, achievements, and a mission statement.
    3. Saint Francis University updates student pages with verified institutional successes. That's where you come in.

    Using the contribution form, faculty and staff may submit student achievements. Submissions are reviewed by the Marketing & Communications department to ensure that they meet our standards and have all necessary information for publishing.

    You will need:

    • Student name(s) - multiple students may be uploaded with a .csv file. Please include the student's first name, last name, email address, hometown, and zip code. Individuals may also be typed into the search field
    • Headline for your achievement
    • Description of the achievement
    • Photo (optional but recommended)

    Where are Merit Achievements published?

    All achievements are published on the individual students' pages as well as the Saint Francis University Merit page. Students, and sometimes parents, will receive email notifications when their achievement is published.

    Additionally, the Marketing & Communications Department chooses to send some stories to students' hometown newspapers, high schools, and government officials.

    Students may share the news of their achievements on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Student Information

    What should students know?

    • Your Merit page is a great resource to reference when you are building a resume or preparing for a job interview because it contains college-verified achievements.
    • Your page is created and updated by the University, however you may enhance it yourself by choosing your featured photo, creating a custom URL, adding a bio, and adding additional activities.
    • Your Merit page is in compliance with Saint Francis University's FERPA policy.
    • You may adjust your page's privacy settings or opt-out at any time.
    • Students will be notified via email when they are recognized for an achievement.

    Visit for assistance with your page.

  • Questions or Suggestions?

    Contact the Marketing & Communications Department: 
    814-472-3022 or

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