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Dr. Matthew Ussia

Matt Ussia

School: Arts & Letters
Academic Department: Fine Arts
Academic Department: History and Political Science
Academic Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Graduation Year: 1999

Matthew's Story


  • B.A. English Literature, 1999
  • Minors: Philosophy, History, and Fine Arts


  • Instructor of English, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA


I know a lot of people see a major in the Humanities as only a path to teaching. And while I ultimately became an educator, academia was my fourth career after college. I was a proofreader, ocean freight forwarder, and worked for a scientific publisher before beginning my life as a professional academic. In my time at St. Francis, I gained a valuable skill set that translates well to just about any working environment. Through studying Philosophy, I learned how to better read situations and make clearer decisions. I was good at all of my previous jobs, but my education instilled me with an ability to figure out what would make me happy. People who will be successful in the world of the future will have a high degree of information literacy, be capable of grasping a multitude of concepts, and be able to make their own decisions. I can think of no better foundation for success than a major or minor in Philosophy at Saint Francis.

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