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Mary Ann Wharton PT, MS

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Title: Curriculum Coordinator, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Physical Therapy
Phone: 814-472-3123
E-mail: mwharton@francis.edu
Office Location: Stokes Building, Suite 229
Additional Contact Information: fax: 814-472-3140


  • BS, Ithaca College
  • MS, University of Pittsburgh


Clinical & Research Interests

Research Interests

  • Geriatric Interventions Strategies
  • Ethics and Values in Health Care
  • Fall Prevention

Teaching Activities

  • PHTH 430 Health Care Systems 1
  • PHTH 530 Health Care Systems 2
  • PHTH 531 Health Care Systems 3
  • PHTH 532 Health Care Systems 4
  • PHTH 552 Patient/Client Management 6 - Clinical Interventions
Professional Activities & Memberships
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
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  • deRoos Bassage, D, Fanelli, MT, Liebig, P, Selker, LG, and Wharton, MA.,"Innovations in Allied Health." in the Summary Report of the Conference on Rehabilitation and Geriatric Education: Perspectives and Potential. U.S.D.H.H.S. and U.S. Department of Education, Contract No. 240-87-0051. 1988. 112-114.
  • Wharton, MA. "Rehabilitation and the Elderly: Emphasizing Function." Rehab Management 1989; 2(3): 53-54.
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  • Wharton, MA, Zaccardi, M, Lynch, D, and Young, K. "Effects of Walker Height on Posture in the Elderly Population." Issues on Aging 1994, 17(2): 5-8.
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