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Leadership, Involvement, and Service Transcript

Every experience you have at SFU is moving you closer to becoming the person you are meant to be. Let’s make sure those experiences count when you go for your first job. Start your L.I.S.T. today!

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  • You will accomplish so much in your few short years at SFU. We want to make sure that you can quantify every aspect of the transformation that you have undergone since high school.  Your Leadership, Involvement, and Service Transcript (or L.I.S.T.) says so much about who you are as an individual and what matters to you. 

    What is your L.I.S.T.?

    The LIST is an official University document which tracks your important accomplishments and contributions outside of the classroom in six areas of Transformational Experiences

    • Internships
    • Research
    • Study Abroad
    • Leadership Experiences
    • Community Service
    • Campus Ministry

    Inspire your future through real-world experiences.

    Internships are a critical part of developing your career path and a means to gain hands on experience that will help assure that you are on the right track after graduation. Take advantage of the incredible opportunities an internship can provide while increasing your marketability once you enter the workforce – leading to a satisfying career and a sense of life accomplishment! 

    Within the Office of Career Services your future profession is within reach!


    Experience in a work setting directly related to the student's major area of study that is supervised by a member of the faculty in the student's major and that involves at least a written journal of activity or at least one reflection paper or project.  Examples include student teaching, clinical placements, field work, and credit internships.  Summer jobs, even when directly connected to the student's major, do not count unless there is faculty involvement and a written journal or reflection.


    Pursue your curiosity and contribute to the world of knowledge!

    At Saint Francis University, student research has become an important part of the academic experience in all four of the University’s schools.  No matter what your major is, an opportunity in research allows you to make a mark in what the world knows. 

    Through the Office of Student Research, you can set off on a path of discovery!


    The application of classroom experiences to gain new knowledge in an out-of-classroom activity that result in a poster, presentation, or publication.

    Study Abroad

    See and experience the world around you!

    Study abroad will introduce you to a new culture, a new way of life. You will learn to recognize and appreciate how culture determines values and behaviors. Study abroad will help you develop skills and give you experiences a classroom setting will never provide.  In addition to making friends around the world, study abroad will increase your self-confidence and will have a lasting impact on your world view. 

    The Office of Study Abroad has your ticket to new horizons!


    Participation in any experiences recognized and approved by the Study Abroad Office.  Any service or study abroad experience outside of the USA, for credit or just for experience, with the supervision of a faculty member (SFU or otherwise).  This might include year-long, semester, or intensive shorter experiences.

    Leadership Experiences

    Start a movement…leave a legacy.

    St. Francis of Assisi was serious about leadership, and so are we!  We’re always looking for those students who get active in their communities, who lead movements, and who are motivated by challenges and accomplishments. Our leadership philosophy is simple: it fuses personal values, technical skills, and embracing diversity and the uniqueness of others– and mixes them all together for the purposes of building a better community for everyone. Here at Saint Francis University, there are so many ways to stand out while never standing alone. 

    Through the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership Development opportunities to leave a legacy are everywhere!


    Any experience in an elected, appointed, or volunteer capacity where basic leadership competencies are developed and observed.  These competencies include such skills as goal setting, delegation, communication, recruitment/retention of team members, decision making, conflict resolution, etc.  The development of these competencies will be evaluated by a qualified supervisor/observer such as job supervisor, volunteer coordinator, club/organization advisors, etc.

    Community Service

    Touch a heart.  Give the gift of your time.

    “…it is in giving that we receive,” as found in the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi speaks to the very heart of Saint Francis University. 

    Through the Center for Service & Learning, you can help a neighbor and serve the world!


    Activities that align with the University's definition of community service can be recorded in OrgSync to appear on the L.I.S.T.  Students who record 100+ hours of community service during their undergraduate years are recognized at the annual Become That Someone Community Engagement Awards breakfast.

    Campus Ministry

    Feed your soul and those of others.

    Campus Ministry, from a faith-perspective, is a personal encounter that alters your understanding of yourself, of others, or of the world around you in relation to God. 

    In the Campus Ministry office, you will encounter God and His calling for you!


    The Campus Ministry department provides worship, faith formation and ministry opportunities at a variety of levels that allow individuals to encounter God in their daily life.  Students then must cooperate with the initiatives provided and engage them with a spirit of openness to Gods transforming presence.  Requiring a year-long commitment, the programs below are an example of some of the programs within Campus Ministry:

    • Cru: student leaders  oversee this non-denominational and evangelical Christian program which helps students encounter Jesus and grow in their faith.
    • Firestarters: a retreat team, consisting of students and staff, who lead Catholic confirmation retreats for high school students.
    • Liturgical Ministry: a program to engage students in various liturgical ministries (server, cantor, reader, sacristan, musician, extraordinary minister of the Eucharist.)
    • Peer ministry: student leaders employed by Campus Ministry to assist with the pastoral care, retreat, and service programs on campus.
    • Non-denominational Sunday service: student leaders oversee this weekly Sunday worship program for a year.
  • Why make a L.I.S.T.?

    To increase your marketability and overall occupational value after graduation in order to:

    • increase your chances of getting hired into the job and field of your choice,
    • increase your chances of getting accepted into your top choice of graduate schools,
    • gain broader perspectives and a diverse set of transferable skills,
    • and to enjoy a more fulfilling life of purpose and meaning!

    How to build your L.I.S.T.:

  • Work with your Academic Advisor...

    Develop a plan to check off your L.I.S.T. Your goal is to complete at least three to four of the six Transformational Experiences prior to graduation. 

    Complete Transformational Experiences.

    Reach out to each area for help checking each experience off your list:


    Check it off your L.I.S.T. on OrgSync.
    1. Log in to
    2. Click "OrgSync"
    3. Create your user profile
    4. Go to "Involvement" from your account
    5. Add your involvement entries to build your L.I.S.T.
    Check your progress & get your transcript!
    1. Go to your account  menu
    2. Select "Involvement," then "Reports"
    3. Download the "Co-Curricular Record"
      This is the unofficial file for you to view until it's time to request the official L.I.S.T.!