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Ms. Lisa Moser

Lisa Moser

School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Academic Department: Physician Assistant Science
Graduation Year: 2013

Lisa's Story


  • B.S. Health Science, 2012
  • M.S. Physician Assistant, 2013

Employment Status

Hopes to work in an underserved area in western PA


  • Winner of the SFU Student Service Award
  • Nominated for Who’s Who Among American College Students
  • Honorable mention for a presentation at the North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy
  • Active on campus with Student Ambassadors, Peer Tutors, the Physician Assistant Society, and Hugs United
  • Founded the student club, M.A.P.S. (Make A Patient Smile)
  • Published "Listening With Compassion: The Benefits of Storytelling in the Healthcare Setting," in Spectrum (Spring 2012), a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal
  • Second place, Gunard Barry Carlson Writing Contest for "Listening with Compassion"

Make a Patient Smile

Lisa Moser created Make A Patient Smile (M.A.P.S.), an organization that makes get well cards for hospital patients. MAPS members make three hospital visits each semester to Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown. At the visits they deliver cards and spend time talking with patients and listening to stories. This is a great way for the students to learn how to interact and communicate with patients which will help shape them into better, well rounded care providers. On average 6-7 MAPS members go on each visit and they will spend the evening at the hospital visiting over 100 patients!MAPS sponsors card making days on campus which gives everyone a chance to get involved and make a patient smile. There are about 6 card making days each semester. On each visit MAPS members take about 400 cards with them to deliver. The cards that are left undelivered are given to Memorial Medical Center or sent to Altoona hospital to put be put on meal trays to help brighten a patients day. so total, we make and deliver over 1,000 cards each semester.


While at Saint Francis studying to become a Physician Assistant, I have taken many science classes with wonderful professors who really want us to learn so we gain the knowledge needed to be a health care professional. But what has really set my experience here apart is how all of the disciplines (sciences, English, religion/philosophy, etc.) work together to shape us into care providers who can empathize with our patients. During my time here I had the opportunity to construct an Honors Thesis entitled, 'Listening with Compassion: The Benefits of Storytelling in the Health Care Setting.' With this project, I was able to collaborate with people from all disciplines across campus and discover where health care at times fails and how care providers can better serve patients so the outcomes for both the patient and care provider can improve. Throughout this project, and in my classes in general, my professors have challenged me and demonstrated a genuine desire not only for me to do well but to become a better person. Overall, I feel better prepared to go out into the world and interact with my future patients in a way that will promote communication, understanding, and healing.

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