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Graduate Tuition and Fees

  • The graduate education Saint Francis University provides is funded primarily from tuition, which is set annually and varies per program. In addition, there may be fees for expenses associated with food, insurance, facilities, technology, and travel. Totals vary based on number of courses or labs with special fees and addition of student health insurance.

    2017-18 Tuition and Fees 

  • Graduate Tuition and Fees Summary

    Tuition per program estimates are based on current year tuition rates. Rates subject to change annually.

    If you take 9 credits or more a semester you are required to have proof of health insurance or purchase University's Student Health Insurance by contacting Student Health at 472-3008.

    per credit
    per semester
    per program
    Health Insurance
    per semester
    Technology Fee
    per semester
    Program Fee
    Master of Business Administration36-48$875$2,625-$7,875
      (3-9 credits)
    $31,500-$42,000$0 - $1,716no technology fee 
    Master of Human Resource Management 

    Online Master of Human Resource Management
    (3-9 credits)
    $26,250$0 - $1,716no technology fee 
    Doctor of Physical Therapyvaries$1084$9,756-$19,512
    (9-18 credits)
    varies$0 - $1,716$550$585 (4th-6th year)
    Master of Occupational Therapyvaries$1084 $16,260-$19,512 (15-18 credits) varies$0 - $1,716$550$585 (4th-5th year)
    Master of Physician Assistant Sciencevaries$1084$13,008-$19,512
    (12-18 credits)
    varies$0 - $1,716$550$585 (4th-5th year)
    Master of Health Science30$637$3,822
    (6 credits)
    $19,110no health insuranceno technology fee 
    Master of Medical Science33 (20 transfer credits accepted)$814 $2,442-$3,256  
    (3-4 credits)
    $10,582no health insuranceno technology fee 
    Master of Cancer Care46$750 $2,250-$6,750
    (3-9 credits)
    $34,500no health insuranceno technology fee 
    Master of Nursing Leadership / Education33$600 $1,800-$5,400
    (3-9 credits)
    $19,800$0-$1,716no technology fee 
    Master of Education30-36$716 (net of  scholarship)$2,148-$6,444 
    (3-9 credits)
    $21,480-$25,776$0 - $1,716no technology fee 
    Master of Education Superintendent Certification20$716 (net of scholarship)$2,864                 
    (4 credits)
    $14,320$0 - $1,716no technology fee 


    Room & Board Options
    The University does not provide on-campus housing options for Graduate Students. For recommendations on off-campus housing options, please see your program coordinator.
    Meal Plan Fees
    Meal Plan FeesPer Semester
    Platinum (unlimited meals / $125 Bonus)
    Assigned to all incoming resident students. Students may change after the second week of class.
    Gold (14 meals per week / $155 Bonus)$2,930
    Silver (10 meals per week/$185 Bonus)$2,812
    Bronze (5 Meals per week / $550 Bonus)**$2,336
    For more information, see Meal Plan Descriptions


    Lab & Course Fees
    Laboratory and Course Fees
    These fees are dependent on credits of registration for qualifying courses or labs.
    Physical Therapy (All courses with lab, per course)$142
    Occupational Therapy (All courses with lab, per course)$142
    Education: 429, 430, 431, 432$75
    Education: 450$103
    Education: 451$207
    Exercise Physiology 305, 330, 400$135
    Physician Assistant: 405 $455
    Physician Assistant: 420, 422, 428$158
    Physician Assistant: 423 $394
    Physician Assistant: 425 $275
    Physician Assistant: 426 $196
    Physician Assistant: 429, 430, 431 $124
    Physician Assistant: 432 $252
    Physician Assistant: 451 $80
    Physician Assistant: 452 $86


    Contingent Fees
    Contingent Fees
    Application Fee$30
    Application Fee (Master of Medical Science/Health Science)$55
    Graduation Fee (payable whether or not the student attends commencement)$195
    Occupational Therapy Fee (4th-5th year / per semester) $637
    Physical Therapy Fee (4th-6th year / per semester)$637
    Physician Assistant Fee (4th-5th year / per semester)$637
    Vehicle Registration: Resident $100
    Vehicle Registration: Full-Time Commuter $85
    Special Exam Fee$25
    Official Transcript$10
    Audit Fee (per credit)$503