Fine Arts Success Stories

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    Ms. Elizabeth Wheeler - Class of 2013

    Major: Middle Childhood Education with English concentration

    Minor: Fine Arts

    During my college search, there came a moment when I just knew that Saint Francis University was where I was supposed to be, where I wanted and needed to be. Not for a second of the past four years have I regretted that decision. Here at Saint Francis, I have literally had the opportunity to reach higher and go far—farther than my wildest dreams. Through the study abroad programs here on campus, I have had the opportunity to spend two months in Italy and four in France. My time abroad has opened doors to new languages and cultures, new opportunities at home and abroad, and friendships that stretch beyond boundary lines. At Saint Francis, I have been able to simultaneously pursue my three passions—art, English, and education. I’ve had opportunities to exhibit my art and to intern in the education department at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh—opportunities that I will continue to pursue after graduation. Through on-campus programs, I’ve worked with children of all ages and ability levels. I’ve been able to grow and explore under the tutelage of caring, knowledgeable professors whose enthusiasm has both fueled my love of learning and awakened passions I didn’t know I had.

    To me, the beauty of Saint Francis University is that this place isn’t just about academics, or activities, or even achievements. It’s about people. It’s about a body of students who care for each other, the staff who support us, and the professors who inspire us. It’s about an active faith and a commitment to service as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago. It’s about a community built on a shared purpose, a family who comes together to learn from each other, to grow with each other, then to reach out to change the world. I am truly blessed to be a part of that community, to carry on the spirit of Saint Francis wherever life may take me.


    Mr. Addison Fox - Class of 2012

    Major: Mathematics (Computer Science concentration)

    Where you involved in other activities at Saint Francis?

    I was in STAR Productions in three of my four years. My favourite role was undoubtedly Monsieur Douc, the owner of the Orient Express in the adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, 'Death Train'.

    When you are out with friends what story do you tell about your college days?

    As with many of the people who experienced Kenny Resinski's shows from the inside, all my best stories are Theatre stories. Some of them are even fit for polite company.


    Dr. Matthew Ussia - Class of 1999

    Major: English Literature

    Minor: Philosophy, History, and Fine Arts

    I know a lot of people see a major in the Humanities as only a path to teaching. And while I ultimately became an educator, academia was my fourth career after college. I was a proofreader, ocean freight forwarder, and worked for a scientific publisher before beginning my life as a professional academic. In my time at St. Francis, I gained a valuable skill set that translates well to just about any working environment. Through studying Philosophy, I learned how to better read situations and make clearer decisions. I was good at all of my previous jobs, but my education instilled me with an ability to figure out what would make me happy. People who will be successful in the world of the future will have a high degree of information literacy, be capable of grasping a multitude of concepts, and be able to make their own decisions. I can think of no better foundation for success than a major or minor in Philosophy at Saint Francis.

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