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Fermentation Arts

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    Have you ever had bread, cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut, chocolate, pickles, beer or wine? If you have, then you have tasted fermented foods and beverages.  Quite simply, fermentation is the art of utilizing scientific principles to preserve and/or enhance the flavor and texture of foods and drinks. Humans have harnessed the power of fermentation since the dawn of time to produce alcohol as well as preserve and enhance the flavor of food. Scholars have suggested that nearly one-third of all foods consumed world-wide have been fermented. Unsurprisingly, firms that produce fermented foods and beverages constitute a significant portion of the world's economy.  Continuing to harness the power of fermentation, Saint Francis University is proud to offer modern classes in brewing, enology and food fermentation. Most classes will be taught in functioning wineries and breweries.

  • Degree Options

    Students will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Fermentation Arts. Students can select from two available concentrations, Fermentation Culture or Fermentation Administration. Students choosing Fermentation Administration, can earn a minor in Business Administration. Students selecting the Fermentation Culture will have numerous free electives that provide them with the opportunity to select more Fermentation classes.


    • Fermentation Culture, B.A. 
      • This program provides students with a holistic approach to how culture is affected by fermentation and its products. These students will have the opportunity to focus upon the process and the products thereby preparing them for a career in creation, such as Master Brewer, Vintner, Baker or Pickler.
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    • Fermentation Administration, B.A. 
      • This program is the only program amongst the competition that has a business administration component built into the course of study. These students will be prepared for eventually supervising the fermentation process or enterprise, such as a brewery, brew pub, winery, bakery, and food processing. 
      • Plan of StudyCourse Catalog Major Requirements
    Internships and Career Opportunities

    Every student in the Fermentation Arts major will complete an internship as part of their Fermentation Capstone, giving our students a hands-on experience in the field of fermentation. In addition, the Fermentation Culture and Fermentation Administration majors are structured to provide students with an entry into two fast growing developments in the US and Pennsylvania economy: fermentation and fermentation-related entrepreneurial activities.